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This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding Guidelines as well.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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Vicious Hippo Update

By Gimmlette a - Posted Jun 22, 18

Blizzard has posted an update to the changes coming in PvP with Battle for Azeroth. First of all, PvP changes will be live with the pre-patch. Side note:  Icy Veins noted last night, beta calendars are showing a "War of Thorns" event coming on July 17th. This event surrounds the burning of Teldrassil. Icy Veins is speculating pre-patch events will start a week before "War of Thorns" because Blizzard would not want to major events to start at the same time. Therefore, July 10th. Another side note:  Ion Hazzikostas said, in the most recent Q&A, the new PvP season will start 3 weeks after BfA launches. This means, we can start working on our hippos right after the US Labor Day holiday, September 4th, after reset. The first raid and mythic plusses will open at the same time. 

What does this mean? With the pre-patch, we will have a chance to test out the changes to PvP. Blizzard posted a photo of the new PvP interface. There are two screens. The first one is an overall PvP screen. 

I like this; I like this a lot. Important information is right in front of you in a font I won't need my glasses to read. Your accrued honor is to the right. All the PvP you can do this week is in the center, with the bar you fill up to the next reward plainly visible on the top of the center. For those of you who are multi-class, your check boxes are visible in the center. On the left, if you are looking for specific types of PvP, you have the option to click the kind. I like, in particular, how the brawl is clear. No more drop down menu to see what it is to decide, nope, not gonna do that one. Too much grief. 

Much more important, particularly if you are aiming for a vicious hippo, is the next box. 

Rated PvP is the ONLY way to get the hippo. Those of us who have revelled in the daily PvP at the Legion's various towers can't get a hippo that way. Nor can you get a hippo just by randomly, or intentionally, queueing for battlegrounds. You can still up your honor totals, but the vicious hippo mount is not yours via that route. 

Shown on the "Rated" screen are the 3 ways to get a hippo. The article has this to say,

We’re also changing how players can earn Vicious mounts. In the current Legion system, you need to win 100 Rated 3v3 Arena or 40 Rated Battleground matches. In Battle for Azeroth, Rated play in any bracket—including 2v2! —will count toward earning these mounts. And in line with our philosophy around making cosmetic rewards account-wide, your PvP efforts account-wide will count toward earning these rewards for your collection.

It's been known, for some time, PvP awards will be account-wide. This is great news for those of you who PvP on multiple players. (I salute you. The very thought chills me to my bones.) For you players willing to bring whatever class is needed to a group, your aggregate victories will all count toward the mount. Gone are the days of being stuck in one class. We need another healer and, bingo, we have one, because a win is another step toward a hippo.

100 Rated Arena or 40 Rated Battleground wins is still a daunting prospect for a guild which doesn't PvP religiously as a group. (Please, no jokes about hard-core PvP. We simply haven't done that here. It's a good story but that's not who we are, and you know that.) We will be doing once a week PvP beginning with the pre-patch, so we can get a feel for how this will work. You cannot be carried through this and I'm going to be upfront. If we officers don't feel you are pulling your weight, I'm going to make the difficult call to ask you to step down.

This kind of PvP is not what we are used to doing. We all have off days and days when the RNG should be taken behind the barn and beaten senseless, but you NEED to know your class and spec. Your arena team or our rated BG team will be ripped to shreds if you are just mashing buttons. It's disconcerting in a raid to hear, "Well, I didn't know where my [insert spell] button was." In rated matches, this comment means death. This is difficult. We will be PvP'ing every single week because you don't get wins if you do this once a month. I want you to know, up front, what will be expected; to think about this, really think about it; and decide if you can dedicate time to this mount. Here's the photo again, for inspiration. 

Therefore, you can sign up here and now if you want to be included in this. This will count toward your 2 event per month attendance requirement. You do not have to come to every week's PvP event. I don't think even I can do that, given my work/life schedule. But you have to be willing to come to at least 2 of the 4 scheduled days. I do not want to be working on this at the end of BfA when we're facing people who started playing at the beginning. We'll rarely get a win then. You want to talk frustration? That's a supreme example of it. 

We don't make you do things you don't want to do. This is not a requirement, by any means. I do, however, want to be completely transparent with regards to what will be expected if you want this mount. This is going to require something totally different than our usual, "Hey come on and smash stuff" events. There will probably be suggested add-ons. I'm not going to go so far as to say you must play x spec, even though greater players than me will suggest x spec with x build for rated play. I chafe at that. I have my style of play and I will figure out how to make it work because I want a hippo. 

As more information is available, I will pass it on. We will do our best to have PvP events on weekdays and weekends to accomodate our various schedules. Time to consider whether you want to work towards this and, if so, sign up. 


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