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Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from classic to current content, PvP and arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer together. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines as well.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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Heroes of the Storm Event

Gimmlette a posted Jan 29, 17

This coming weekend is some sort of big sportsball thingee. Sometimes, we get a lot of people online and sometimes we don't. (I know we won't see Pinkel or Neocalamity.) So we don't, usually, plan anything for Saturday or Sunday. I've been wanting to try a Heroes of the Storm event for some time and this seems like the best time for it. 

(Photo from The Adventures of SpiderMina.)

Step 1: Go to your Battle.net account; download and install Heroes of the Storm if you haven't already done it. 
Step 1a: If you have Heroes, make sure you've downloaded all the updates. They can come as fast and furious as WOW updates. 
Step 2: I will need your battle tag. We can only invite people into our groups, if someone in the group has your battle tag. I don't friend people I don't know so it's best to tell me your tag when I'm online so I'll know it's you. Or send me an in-game letter and I can friend you. 
Step 3: At 8:45 pm on Saturday evening, log into Heroes of the Storm. We'll also be in Discord. 

If you've never played Heroes, this will be an opportunity for you to get your feet wet. The game is free to play. You don't have to buy anything. You'll accrue coins which can be used to buy heroes and other things. 

It will be a lot of fun and will be fun to play with guild members. We'll play against the computer, not against other players, so you won't get called a "noob". If you have questions, give me a shout. See you Saturday. 


Dorelei I have Li Li as a character too. That is the only one I have "bought" with HoTS gold. I can also play...
Helgahoney Im game downloaded it and everything lol
Faience For anyone who hasn't played before — I've played a little, but not a ton — every week there&...

You're Ready, Right?

Gimmlette a posted Jan 28, 17

How's that transmog coming along? You know, the one for the Transmog Contest? 

The theme for January is "Lunar", how ever you want to take that. Judging is Tuesday, January 31st at 9:00 pm in Stormwind; our usual place in front of the keep. Remember, all your gear needs to be transmogged. You also MUST send Perki an in-game letter listing your pieces. As we did last month, first place is 3,000 gold. Second place is 2,600 gold. Third place is 2,200 gold. Everyone who shows up and has sent Perki a letter gets 500 gold. This will pay for some transmogs down the line. 

Speaking of transmogs, the poll to the left indicates you'd like a transmog crafting event. This will happen in March. We need time to figure out how it will work and how to obtain the materials people need to craft things. We've got an idea we're working on. You can help by starting, now, to review what crafters can make can starting a list. If you're not interested in transmog but you are willing to donate materials (Great for clearing out banks.), watch this space towards the end of February when we hope to post a list of items we'll need for crafting. This will be a huge undertaking, but it will be fun, and for those of us who like transmog, very exciting. 

February's transmog theme will be announced on Tuesday. Even if you don't have a transmog, come to Stormwind and cheer for your guild mates. I am not as addicted as Miz is to transmog, but I have to say, I'm having a lot of fun gathering gear. 


Perki My belf locks void storage was completely stuffed with robes and such, vain thing she is. I'm all about the mog.
Mizauki a Look, the first step is admitting you have a problem, and I see no problem with my mog collecting. *coughhasaproblemcoug...

Dang That's Hard

Gimmlette a posted Jan 28, 17

Ten Legacy raiders went into Ruins of Ahn Qirag on Friday night. It was so awesome to have a full group. With a few deaths, we were able to clear all the bosses up to Ossirian. I forgot to take photos as I was attempting this tanking thing. This is a photo from when SD cleared Ruins, back when it was a 20 person raid. 

This guy is hard. I remember we struggled for several runs to get him down. I think everyone got gear upgrades. We never did beat him, sadly. 

At the officer's meeting on Wednesday, we discussed our Legacy raiding. It is a lot of fun when we can go into content at level and see, sort of, how the encounters were originally designed. We have a nucleus of, roughly, 15 people who have Legacy toons who can come to events. Unfortunately, that's not enough to clear 40-man content. While we will take higher levels with us, and it's really a lot of fun to have them wait and rush in to "save us" when things go south, the whole purpose of Legacy raiding is to see content as it was designed. 

The question was put to the members of last night's team. We're looking ahead. Where could we go? We could go back into Blackwing Lair and have higher levels come with us; same with Temple of Ahn'Qirag. Or we could look to something else. 

Would you folks be interested in gearing up for an at level Legacy raid of Karazhan? I don't think there was a negative response from the group. 

Karazhan is one of the most beloved of all raids. This will not be a raid we can complete in one sitting. A great many people never saw it at level. Thankfully, the attunement is gone. You think current content Kara's attunement is bad. This was way, way worse. You can't even solo the whole thing as it was designed because Legion forces have taken over the catacombs beneath the city. I'm pretty sure you can still pick up the quest chain and it awards a lot of XP. 

So, Legacy toons are released from their level 60 cap. I'm looking at an early April initial run. We can only take 10 people, you know, so if there is more interest than we have slots, we'll run this over back-to-back weeks. It's never too late to create a toon and level it to 70. We will put on March's calendar, specific BC dungeon runs to get people geared up. As you are leveling, head to the 5-man thread and post if you get a quest through a specific dungeon. We can run organized Legacy dungeons, but I'm sure any number of you will be happy to run a Legacy toon through a specific dungeon. ("You have not collected this appearance." Hint. Hint.) We have this thread going. Let's take full advantage of it. You can post as your Legacy toon or just edit your original post, which is what I'll do. 

Kara will not be a walk in the park. I have so many memories of wiping on Moroes, Shade, Prince, and the stinkin' trash. But this is going to be so exciting. And, for the inevitable questions, we have people who have multiple specs so we don't "need" any particular class. Make and level a class you'd like play. If you have questions, Roar, Miz and I have answers. 


Souvlaki I just wish I could commit the time to doing this. I really liked participating in the previous ones where I could and I...

Punching Garry Inna Face

Gimmlette a posted Jan 28, 17

Eleven folks went into Siege of Orgrimmar last Monday on their horde toons to get the guild achievement for that raid. We can say it's complete. 

It's very interesting to see this raid from the horde's point of view. We're so used to Jaina and her blizzard which doesn't help. It's Lor'themar Ther'on and Sylvanas at Galakras. They got their groove on. 

Sylvanas was doing the blood elf dance, something we found very interesting. 

So, um, yeah. We're ready to start this up. Wait, is that...is that...Old Spice you're wearing?

If you know the fights, you know a hunter will run into the room with the Dark Shaman, pull them, run to the front door and feign death. The shaman despawn but reappear in a minute or two in front of the keep. We decided that was not how the encounter was originally designed. You're supposed to all run into the keep and kill them inside. What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

Piece of cake. Afterwards, the new horde warchief took her rightful place on the throne. 

I think her first decree was for more honey and berries. 

We are such a hardcore raiding guild that we practice our attacks on the training dummies INSIDE the basement of Orgrimmar. 

Poor Kaz's Internet died shortly after the Garrosh fight started so he's not in this photo, but here we are, all alive and safe and sound. With Vol'jin's death in Legion, when Thrall makes him leader in the cinematic after subduing Garrosh, it got all the feels, all of them. We all agreed, while Varian's death was sad, it showed leadership and we weren't all that upset. Losing Vol'jin, however, Gul'dan must pay. 

This completes Pandaria content simply clearing the raids. We still need heroic versions of Heart of Fear (shudder:  tornado boss), Throne of Thunder and Siege. Watch for one of these in March. 

Thanks, everyone, for coming out. I really appreciate the enthusiasm for this run. 


Quote Machine

Gimmlette a posted Jan 19, 17

A new, limited time, boss spawned on Wednesday. Ana-Mouz is found in the depths of Felsoul Hold. She drops i860 chest pieces along with rings, order resources and artifact power. Oh and the ubiquitous gold. World bosses can be attacked by any level and their gear drops are serious upgrades when you're a newcomer to the Broken Isles. I decided we'd do this boss as a guild. It was a spur of the moment thing. If you're not in the Facebook group, I apologize for you not knowing. When I realized how easy it was to get to her, I thought, "Hey we can do this together!" 

Everyone flew to Felblaze Ingress because low levels can get there if they have done Azsuna. We mounted up and rode over to the north entrance to Felsoul. 

The mission was clear. Wipe all demons between the entrance and the boss off the map. I love doing stuff like this, where we go into a place and just kill everything. The added benefit was getting our low levels some XP and everyone got ancient mana. 

Once we assembled at the bottom of the hold, we discussed killing the boss. 

If ever there was a boss made for "Ghostbuster" quotes, this was it. 

We decided we had more than enough and more people would show up. Indeed, several people got An Honorable Kill achievement because some flagged horde wandered into the scrum and died. Because we were grouped, we added another 11 kills onto our Creepjackers total. I remember seeing, at one point, another bear tank helping Roar. 

It was awesome. It was so much fun. The boss is little more than a tank'n'spank, although she does summon demons, toss green globs and does a "mother's embrace" that repeatedly grabbed Faience. I'm pretty sure a lot of people got chest pieces which are, shall we say, in the "hoochie mama" area. 

Thanks everyone, for coming on the spur of the moment. We need to take down the boss in Gnomer. I'm told that takes a large group but we're Spectacular Death. We can do ANYTHING! RAWR!


Roaranor The other bear tank was the troll we killed. He was"helping" by taking aggro during the imp bosses bre...
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