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Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from classic to current content, PvP and arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer together. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines as well.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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Gnome Cleavage

Gimmlette a posted Dec 31, 16

We held the December "Terrible Transmog Contest" on Friday, December 30th. Five people showed up in their best transmogs following the theme of "complementing" the guild tabard. You took the word "complementing" and made it your own. 

Third place winners were Dorelei and Winterlight. Second place winners were SargeKaz and Sinana. Here is our first place winner, Perki. 

Everyone was so creative. You can see the other entries in the contest folder. Perki will be the judge of the next contest which will be on Tuesday, January 31st. We will meet in our spot in Stormwind, outside the keep. Nice of them to set up a tree here for us. I like this spot as the lighting is good which shows off your transmogs to great effect. 

The theme for January is "Lunar". The Lunar Festival will be going on at the same time so this is fitting. Remember, Perki will need an in-game letter with a list of all your pieces. Thanks, everyone, for transmogging and for coming to see the entrants. 


A Return

Gimmlette a posted Dec 30, 16

Nine months after Spectacular Death was created, the officer corps conceived an idea to recognize one person per month for outstanding contributions to guild life. The "Guild Member of the Month" program was born. 

This is a guild participation program. Members will, throughout a month, send me an in-game letter nominating someone to be GMotM. They tell me who and what that toon did which is note-worthy. This is a sample letter. 

I post all the letters received in the course of a month to the officer forum. We review them and vote on who we feel best exemplifies the spirit of Spectacular Death. This is not a popularity contest, nor can you campaign for this honor. People nominated and recognized do things because of who they are and that helping the guild and its members succeed means we all get better and have more fun. You can read the full program description here

Anyone of good standing in the guild can be nominated, including officers. Over the years people like Tarsan, Minaithelan, Connacher, Totorodoo and myself, have been selected to be recognized. Gradually, however, letters from guild members became non-existent and the officers were picking someone based on our experiences during a month. While that keeps the program going, this is for you, the members, to recognize your fellow members, especially when someone goes way out of their way to help you and you'd like us officers to know how wonderful they were. So, we let the program lapse. 

With the start of a year's countdown to our 10th anniversary, we thought we'd bring this back. There are a lot of you new to SD. There's a lot of helpfulness going on behind the scenes. With our "contest" rank, we can promote people to more recognize their contributions to the life of the guild. 

Here's what you do:  Over the next 3 days, think of someone or more than one, who has helped you just because you've asked for help. Send me an in-game letter telling me who it was and what they did. (One letter per nominee, please.) All in-game letters must be received by the end of Play Your Horde Night on Monday, January 2nd. Officers will spend the 3rd and 4th reviewing all those nominated and voting. I'll announce the person we will recognize on Thursday, January 5th. We'll toss some gold and a hexcloth bag your way. Just so you know, we have had ties in the past but unless there is an overwhelming reason, we don't recognize more than 2 people per month. This can be any toon; alts or mains; it doesn't matter. Officers are also eligible.

Go, fill up my mailbox. Whom do you think needs to be recognized as "Guild Member of the Month"?


Of Dominance and Sorting

Gimmlette a posted Dec 29, 16

I've been remiss in posting our BlizzCaps to the 2016 Screenshot thread in the folder. But our latest one, from the 23rd, spurred me to get things caught up. 

We had a lot this year so I decided to tally up just how many and who sent them in. I'm not sure what the tally is for others who are frequent contributers but we had 97 screenshots published in 2016 (recognizing there are 2 days left so this total could go up.). We dominated August and November. I'll read the comments and, invariably, someone will say, "Um, why do you only print screenshots from Spectacular Death?" When I see that, I feel a slight twinge of embarrassment. Are we really oversaturating Elizabeth Wachowski? But then the reply is, "Because they seem to be the only people sending them in", and I don't feel bad at all. We were challenged, a couple years ago, to get a screenshot a week in BlizzCaps. I guess you could say we're overachievers. 

Here is the list of 2016 submitters:
Zylo[insert suffix] - 16
Dorelei and her alts - 11
Perki and her alts - 5
Othel and Ameliya - 4
Souvlaki and his alts - 3
Redneckwichdr - 2
Ollivor - 2
and the following with 1 each: Darqclaw, Mizauki, Leetang and Karakazan. 

I had 50 screenshots under Gimm, Epicurian and Heliandcoo. I suppose that's not surprising, given my penchant for photographing anything that moves and some things that don't, and staging all sorts of things. Deathtacular was featured in 7 of these screenshots. 

Keep taking those photos, people. I know a few of you have come here because you see what we do via BlizzCaps. We will have ample opportunities in 2017, what with patch 7.1.5 to be released on the 17th, to document new and exciting things. We should finally do that one screenshot where we pick a mob and crowd control the heck out of it; freezing traps, polymorph, sap, stun, you name it. File the idea under, "Answers to questions you didn't know you had? How many different crowd controls can be applied to a mob?" FOR SCIENCE!

If you want to get in on the screenshot mania, make sure name plates are turned off. Take your screenshot. You can crop it but, otherwise, do not touch it. You can write a caption or post it to our Facebook page and ask for help. Some of the best captions are our community written ones. At the very least, you need to send your toon's name and a description of what's going on in the photo. It may be obvious to you, but clarification is important. Send the photo and your caption to blizzcaps (at) blizzardwatch.com. Put "BlizzCaps" in the subject line. I like to send in a bunch at once, each one separately. Blizzard Watch knows we're good when they whisper, "We're low on screenshots." 

In the Screenshot folder, there is a thread for ideas. I'm always on the lookout for situations which lend themselves to our brand of zany. As I was going through the 2016 folder and adding the rest of the year, I realized we hadn't followed up on a couple of things so expect to have the call go out this weekend for help doing those ideas. 

I think my goal for 2017 is to get 10 Deathtacular screenshots published. We don't have nearly the achievements over there that SD does so working on some of those can lend themselves to photographs. Beyond that, we'll just keep on snapping pictures and sending them in. We excel at the unusual. 

Finally, another word on organization.

Mizauki, Amaera and I reorganized the horde bank and guild ranks. After the reorganization of Spectacular Death, we needed to make Deathtacular mirror SD so you know what the ranks are and where things are in the bank. All the ranks have been renamed and they correspond to Spectacular Death ranks. All toons have been moved to the right rank. If you win a Spectacular Death contest and are promoted to our contest rank, your toon on the horde side gets promoted, too. You should hop over and read the names on the ranks. We had great fun naming them. 

The horde bank has been cleaned and reorganized with the tabs mirroring Spectacular Death's. We can be more liberal with what we store horde side, since those toons, for some of us, don't get played a lot and we don't generate the sheer amount of stuff that Spectacular Death does. If you are looking for materials, we might have them horde side. It's an easy step to put them up in the AH for a small amount of gold. And, unlike SD, we don't have a lot of cash, horde side, since it cost quite a bit to get the last bank tab. It took us a good 2 hours to rearrange, but this will make things easier for you to find.


Anniversary Week Review

Gimmlette a posted Dec 27, 16

We started our anniversary week celebration with a running of Trial of Valor on the 13th. It marked the first day we wore our celebration tabard colors from the tabard contest. 

A lot of us spent gold and transmogged our gear to "match" the tabard. It was funny how not everything changed to the new design. For example, if you go to the guild vendor, you can get two cloaks which give you a hearth to Stormwind. They are guild reputation-based with "exalted" getting you a cloak with a 2 hour cooldown on a hearth. If you are looking for quick ways to get around Azeroth and beyond, having one of these is great. I also strongly recommend getting a hearthstone for the shrine in Pandaria. It has access to ALL capital cities, whereas new Dalaran does not have every place. Plus, if you go to the shrine, you can take the teleporter machine (for 10 gold, it's pricey, but a goblin runs it) to Ratchett, which is a great way to get around when we're attacking horde. 

Anyway, the guild standard was a laurel wreath in black and gray instead of the new tabard design. That was kind of depressing. Here was the Cloak of Coordination. 

Not exactly the same. Maybe it needed more than a week to recognize the new design. Anyway, that was a fun contest. With our 10th anniversary coming in December, I think we'll do this again, but start it earlier so we have the whole month of December to be in the winning tabard. 

We did really well in Trial of Valor, considering we're not a progression-focused guild, on the Odyn fight, which, if you don't know, is the first boss of the raid. If you've done Halls of Valor, it's similar, but with a couple of twists. 

I really like our "no-strats" runs. We work very, very well together, almost like we know what we're doing. I'm proud of those of you who run these in LFR before we get to them, not telling us what the strats are and letting us figure things out. "Did anyone notice when he casts x, it does y? Maybe we should do [insert strategy] when that happens." We're all contributing, learning, progressing. We got Odyn into phase 2 consistently. I don't remember the lowest health percentage we got him. When we come back here, after finishing Emerald Nightmare, we'll have a great understanding of the fight. 

We did achievements in heroic Warlords of Draenor dungeons. I'm down to needing two crossed off my meta for the mount. Are there any dungeon achievements you'd like to work on for a mount? We figured out how to do achievements in older content. Some can be tricksy since we can go into older dungeons and blow them up, but we are pros in getting people achievements. 

We did a Legacy run of Molten Core. That was a lot of fun. My gnome warrior got the last piece in the tier 1 set. We had a lot of fun with the higher level toons who came along, too. If you are higher than 5+ levels above the content we're running, you have to be completely naked, although you should bring a weapon with you in case we need help. It was a lot of fun to yell, "HELP", and have the high levels punch things while I died on every boss pull. We're looking ahead to running Ahn Qirag 10-man. We'd need 10 level 60's. We never did finish Blackwing Lair, which we might have to do via the "HELP" method. 

On Friday the 16th, we did a fun Miz-designed event. We gnomified ourselves, received 4 presents each, and then headed out into the big-wide world of warcraft to give them away. Some people had better luck than others in giving away presents. It's kind of sad, in reality, that even in capital cities, there just aren't people from Llane-Arygos out there. I found one person who not only refused to take my free gift, but spit on me before leaving the area. I'd been battling a cold all week and this certainly did not improve my mood. But thanks for the great idea, Miz. I cleaned out several bags in another bank; some gifts had been in there for years. Now to save new gifts. Bwahahahahaha.

On Saturday, we did holiday pet battles. This is my favorite photo from those battles. 

I believe this is Jaxdia and me battling. I used the Rotten Little Helper and she used Red Helper. They are quite evenly matched. It definitely was a battle between who went first. Of course it could be the epitome of good and evil with the cuteness of good winning over evil, even with his board with a nail in it. 

Sunday, December 18th, was our Christmas party. It always starts in Ironforge in the Hall of Explorers. Depending upon when we start the anniversary festivities and when Winter Veil starts, we have been there when there's been no decorated tree. This year, we had the tree, which adds to the festive party. 

Everyone brings a wrapped present. I start the gift exchange by selecting someone from the group and exchanging gifts with them. Then the person on my left goes and we progress around the circle back to me. Everyone has to swap the gift they have with a gift someone else has. Yeah, there is a possibility you'll get your original gift back. It has happened. If that happens, you can swap with me. 

A lot of battle pets were exchanged this year, as well as some gear and novelty items. People always ask what to get. They are concerned they'll have something that no one wants. You always come to the party with something you think is cool. The recipient will do with that whatever they want. Maybe they aren't a pet collector. They might put it up in the AH. It's just a fun tradition we do here. 

After that, we all got into special outfits and "caroled" in Stormwind and new Dalaran. 

Mizauki was the director. She took up a spot and started "singing" Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. That was our cue to wander over to where she was. On the count of three, the rest of us started "singing". The twist to this flash mob was you typed in /s the words to whatever Christmas carol you wanted. It could be anything. My carol was "Holly, Jolly Christmas". Here's a snippet of the carols we sang in Dalaran. 

Of course, it flooded general chat with all this holiday sentiment. In Stormwind, we had people come over to where we were standing and comment on how funny this was. In Dalaran, people didn't really notice. We sang for a couple minutes and then Miz gave the order to scatter. We wished everyone a Merry Christmas and ran away. 

It was a lot of fun. We had not done a flash mob in some time. 

Monday ended the week of events with a Running of the Bulls horde side. We started by getting our brand new tauren to Thunder Bluff and then taking the blimp to Orgrimmar. Minaithelan was our "body guard". He noticed the vending machine in the blimp sold ice cream. What a treat, except...

...you have to be level 5 to eat it. We lowbies are limited to cheese and water. Booooo. Once we got to Orgrimmar, we took the blimp to Undercity and another blimp to Vengence Landing. We broke the first attempt to pick up the VL blimp. It was announced several times as arriving, but no blimp showed up at the tower. So, we took the portal to Silvermoon and came back. That put us on a server where the blimps were working and we could get to Northrend. We entertained the thought of going to Menethil and hopping on the boat. That's a plan for another day.

Eight of us ran from Vengence Landing in Howling Fjord, to Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. We picked up a level 70 in Howling Fjord who accompanied us until the border with Grizzly Hills where we were killed, en masse, by either wolves or vry'kul. It was hilarious. "So what are you doing?" "We're running from Vengence Landing to Warsong Hold." "Why?" "Because we can." "Oh." 

We died alot in Howling Fjord, but not so much through Grizzly Hills or Dragonblight. You would think, with the magnataur, dragons, wolves and other stuff, we'd have been eaten a lot in Dragonblight.

Once we got past Wyrmrest and headed west, we encountered the plagued animals near Azjol-Nerub and they were a problem. The absolute biggest laugh of the evening was when we were on the road east of AN. We'd had some bad encounters with condors west of Wyrmrest. You don't see them until they dive bomb you and you're dead. We were waiting for people to catch up and we all saw this "bird" coming toward us. We were certain it was condors and started running. It was Mina on a dragon mount, catching up after clearing trash around the team members we were waiting on. I know my heart kind of stopped for a second. "Oh lord. It's coming for me. RUN!" And then it was Mina. The "SpiderMina" monikor works horde side, too. 

I think the most deaths were in Borean Tundra. 

If you remember, east of the D.E.H.T.A. camp is a stretch with swamp and hot springs. Gorlock live there and they will come from 500 million miles away to attack and kill a lowly level 3 running on the road. It reminded us old-timers of "Would you take this package from Thelsamar to Menethil Harbor? Never mind that everything in Wetlands is 5+ levels above you." Fortunately (?), you get to a certain point in the westward run and, when you die, you're at the graveyard outside Warsong Hold. There are spiders around the hold so what you do is jump down from the graveyard and run towards the guards. They will take over killing the spider and you run right in the front door. Five of us completed the run. The others had to go to bed. 

This might become an annual event, not necessarily limited to Winter Veil. Deathtacular celebrates 9 years in August. I've kept my low level toon, Pickcowsew, just for events like this. 

It was a great week of events. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I also hope you've had a chance to check out the giant snow globes situated around Azeroth. 

We should do a guild photo with as many people as possible in a snowglobe. 

I also hope you had a fantastic Christmas or holiday weekend and that the new year will be great.

We officers will be meeting on Thursday to plan January. If there is something you'd like to do, please let us know. Don't forget the transmog contest on Friday. Miz and I are excited to see your tmogs. 


Contest Upcoming

Gimmlette a posted Dec 26, 16

This Friday is the December transmog contest. 

Mizauki and I are the judges, owing to our avian transmogs from November. The theme is to make something which compliments the guild tabard. You'll be judged on creativity, color, style and how close you come to the theme. Either Miz or I need to have a list of your transmogged pieces and you must transmog everything, including your weapon. Jewelry and trinkets are exempt. We will meet in Stormwind at 9:00 pm. So far, Lasts is the only person to turn in, to me as of this writing, a list of his transmog. I do not know if anyone has sent an in-game letter to Miz. 

Remember, we have got prize money, lots of prize money, to take away the sting of transmog. (My last tmog set me back 640 gold.) First place is 3,000 gold. Second place is 2,600 gold and third place is 2,200 gold. You get 1,000 just for showing up, but only if we have received a list of your transmog items. 

I want to thank the people who have contributed to the prize money pool. Your generosity has enabled us to make the winnings in contests much larger. We hope the fun of participation is a draw but a little bit of gold on the side can't hurt. 

So, see you Friady. I want to see color, panache and "holy cow, what is that?"


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