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Welcome One And All To Spectacular Death's Website.

Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from Classic to current content, PvP and Arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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Guild Member of the Month

Gimmlette a posted 6 hours ago
We had several nominations this month. After reading over your recommendations, we have chosen 


to be our Guild Member of the Month. 

She was nominated for being fun, funny and cheerful; always willing to bring whatever toon we need and willing to charge into pretty much any battle we're doing. 

Congratulations Zylo. A token of our appreciation will be in your mailbox and no, it does not involve oil or dead moles. 


Get Photographed

Gimmlette a posted 12 hours ago
The information is flowing out of Irvine and out of WoWHead fast and furiously as the patch draws ever closer. Toward that end, I need to remind you that Rednekwichdr is creating a photo album of our toons before the patch drops. The new character models for all except blood elf, worgen, pandaren and goblin will be available when the patch hits. We are wanting to photograph as many guild mains (or alts, too, for that matter) as possible. Then, once the patch hits and you spend hours in the barbershop tweaking your toon's face or deciding to chuck it all and go back to the old face, we will be doing this again. 

So, if you have not had your photo taken, please talk to Red (BigBearButt, Azram and other toons) as soon as possible to get that done. Any level toons will be photographed. 

WoWHead has put together a comprehensive guide to the patch which we will get up in the next couple of days. If you have questions about getting photographed, please direct them to Red. 

It's been a little while since we've done one of these. Seeing as how it's October, I figured we'd go with a part spooky, part... odd... picture that desperately needs a caption!

The rules are the same as always. Enter as many captions as you like in this thread here. Make each entry a separate post! Multiples in the same post will be thrown out. Keep the captions reasonably clean. The funny, witty, and clever captions, historically, have the best chance of winning.

You have from today through Sunday, October 19th, to get your caption submitted. Winners will be announced on Monday, October 20th


  • First place - 200 gold and a surprise box*
  • Second place - 150 gold and a surprise box
  • Third place - 100 gold and a surprise box

*Surprise box? Think Blingtron only less oil and dead moles.

Ties are entirely possible so if you think you got something good, share it!

Good luck! And may the best caption win!


It's Always Been There

Gimmlette a posted Tue at 10:28
I sent this photo in a long time ago. Guess I need to inundate her with a few more. 

Around Azeroth: How little we know

"I can be rather obtuse when it comes to seeing things in the game," writes submitter Gimmlette of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A). "Something that everyone knows is there can be completely missed by me. I was heading over to Karazhan to do my weekly fail run (Seriously Attumen. Just give me the mount and I'll stop killing you once a week.) and I saw something in the tower. Flying in for a closer look, I was astonished to see these gryphons and another portal.

Has this always been here? I wouldn't be surprised if it has. There's so much to look at in the game, but I've been coming to Karazhan every week for over six months and this is the first time I've noticed this. I did not see a wind rider, but the Horde could use this flight path, too. It reminds me of Blackrock Mountain where the entry to Blackwing Descent is on the terrace where the final battle with Nefarian occurs in Blackwing Lair.

Still, we got all excited earlier in the year when it was noted the cobwebs had been removed from Karazhan. Could this be a precursor of something coming? If you want to check it out for yourself, it's about a quarter of the way down the tower from the top. There's not enough room in the space for a stone or a lot of people entering the portal."


Gimmlette a posted Fri at 13:42
Aerdil was complaining that our "new and improved" recruiting statement lacked a bit about druids. We talk about rouges, Dks, mages, monks, pallies, priests, warlocks and hunters, but there was nothing about druids. So, I added something. 

Spectacular Death is looking to downsize for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor. If you're looking for a hard-core, progressive raiding guild, go somewhere else. Sloths, rouges, and floor tankers are welcome to apply. Professional floor tankers are urgently needed as our last one under performed, preferring to remain alive. What is the guild name here, people?  Be prepared to show evidence of your floor tanking abilities. Healers are also needed. DKs are welcome to apply for that spot. 

We have a tabard but prefer to raid naked. We also have voice chat but it's used only for singing battle cries and raid wipe excuses. We have 8 bank tabs for deposit and 3 out behind the Stormwind Keep for "other" deposits. You must be able to bury your own bodies. 

Warlocks from levels 1-19, 43-76 and 87.5 to 90, may apply. If you're on the green fire quest, you're allowed only one whine per day. Monks have a monthly surcharge for putting up with cute dancing. Pallies, being useful as cannon fodder, are welcome so long as they know how to use Kings. Mages must have the conjured food glyph and be proficient in portal roulette. Priests need to be proficient in Life Grip. Healing is for the weak. Druids are welcome, but if you're shedding either fur or leaves, you must clean up after yourself. We are not your mother and the guild lounge must be kept neat. If you do not comply, your food dishes will be put in the Valley of Honor. Good luck getting to them. Hunter tanks are urgently needed so long as they have one of the following pets:  turtle, sporebat, raptor or boar. The only true bear tank is UrsaMajor. All others are ursa minor. We require an ilevel of 42+bacon. 

Please apply using a number 3 pencil or the blood of your enemies. 

Just a note, nominations for Guild Member of the Month should be to me by the 29th, next Monday. Tell me who and why on an in-game letter. The only person who can't be nominated is Minaithelan. 

Aerd I also like the new adjustment. ...
Worandpaws I like the new addition!
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