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Tue at 16:05
Testing the tornado warning sirens.
Tue at 16:06
first Tuesday of every month at 10 a.m., unless severe weather is in the area.
Tue at 16:06
Tue at 16:07
Can you only see the selfies via twitter?
Tue at 16:09
No. Selfies are like screenshots. They go into your screenshot folder.
Tue at 16:09
At least that's where mine go.
Tue at 16:10
Ok, I'll check again. I took one of Parlim and wanted to find it but couldn't. That is even where I went looking.
Tue at 16:12
All else fails I'll brave the forums and ask them. lol
Tue at 16:15
You should have a folder inside your WOW folder with "Screenshots" title.
Tue at 16:15
I do.
Tue at 21:27
What's a transmog site other than WOWHead? I don't really like Epi's T6 belt, even if it "goes" with the set.
Tue at 21:51
I think I recall seeing something about someone's closet? (I don't really pay a ton of attention to transmog normally)
Tue at 21:52
Technically, I don't care either, but Epi started getting the T6 set and I really like the look of it. It's the set with the wings that come out of the helm; very warlock-y.
Tue at 21:53
a googling found this: Kirina's Closet http://wowrpc.waddellconsulting.com/?page_id=24
Tue at 21:53
But the belt is brown, while the rest of the set is a bright red.
Tue at 21:54
One place I've found some useful advice has actually been wowhead comments about sets (I've seen people give advice on complimentary gear, etc)
Tue at 21:57
and tada--first comment after Mists dropped suggests http://www.wowhead.com/item=30888/anetherons-noose
Tue at 21:58
(that was based on the comments here: http://www.wowhead.com/itemset=670/malefic-raiment
Tue at 22:00
Oh thanks Wor.
Tue at 22:00
Time to go home so I'll look later.
Tue at 22:01
I'm bringing Epi tonight, although I could bring Maoohm. She's got a great partial transmog. Sunwell gear would probably be an upgrade for her. LOL.
Tue at 23:07
Hey everyone, I have a dumb question...I know it's possible to mail BOA gear cross-realm, but how about other things? Gold etc? is this possible or no?
Wed at 1:10
Pets are now on a collections tab, so you can log into your other character, cage a pet, then sell it on the AH.
Wed at 1:11
You can also buy cageable pets with gold that will sell well, learn them, then log into the other character, cage them, and sell them
Wed at 1:11
You don't have to mail heirlooms anymore because of the tab in 6.1
Wed at 11:49
Wed at 15:14
Beyond those things that are account wide, Blizzard has not implemented any way to get gold or non-account-wide gear to toons of the other faction. We would love to see that happen, but they haven't implemented it and I haven't seen any signs it's being considered.
Wed at 17:05
You can mail between Llane and Arygos (or any other joined realms), but other than what Gimm and Dorelei said, you can't otherwise mail between realms (or factions)
5 hours ago
I'm not sure if I'll be on tonight, but if I am I think I'll be asking if anyone could run my Herald's toon through OS.....that seems to be where off-hands like to live, from what I can see in Wowhead.
5 hours ago
Saturday I may be late (off at parents for Supper), but will try to have Dots parked outside Ulduar to join in as quickly as I can.
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