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Tue at 15:00
and in things I have learned recently: if you cancel your renewal, starting a week out the launch button on the blizzard game manager thingy starts counting down your days left, then three days out it switches to counting hours left.
Tue at 15:00
(So I know that my subscription expires at roughly 4pm on Wednesday, in case I'd forgotten)
Tue at 15:03
that's kinda cool
Tue at 17:40
hrm...reading over the old Ironlite thread. Debating making an attempt...
Tue at 19:56
heh heh, i was thinking that mention of this could revive some interest--it is that sort of expansion, where I think people are starting to look for other things to do already?
Tue at 19:57
If I wasn't about to take a break for a bit, I'd be tempted to try again, and to see if I could resist the lure of battle-grounds this time, lol
Tue at 20:01
Bonus now is that the WoD jewelry and back enchants kick in at pretty low level. The table that I have used for checking such things starts with entries for level 19 and 20, so not sure if they help before then or not.
Tue at 20:02
But if you at least survive to 20, could be a nice injection of secondary stats that could matter.
Tue at 20:02
although, most of those slots don't have heirlooms, so that would be a complication.
Tue at 20:11
Still, may be something to put on my list of things to do when I come back :sick: Gives me time to come up with a good name (because I'm convinced that is the key to survival!)
Tue at 20:19
On a different topic, were there any conclusions about GameVox versus Mumble? Or is that still under discussion or needing further testing?
Wed at 15:48
We will make a decision on voice chat this weekend. Some people haven't tried GameVox yet so we're giving them a chance to try it and comment.
Wed at 16:46
This morning I emptied my garrison caches, checked for any high value missions to send followers off on, and set my toons down in front of the fire to wait for my return. Well, almost.....
Wed at 16:47
....I realized that despite how cold Frostfire Ridge is, and that the Horde garrison town hall is a big, drafty, stone building.....there is no fireplace.
Wed at 16:47
and no chairs/benches/stools
Wed at 16:47
Talk about being short on the creature comforts!
Wed at 20:07
Ack, with ten minutes until my subscription expires (and I've commited to myself to leave it off for at least three weeks) I see we have a Herald of the Titan's shot scheduled at the start of May. Sorry that I'll miss it.
Wed at 20:07
But good luck!
Wed at 20:28
Anyhoo.....my subscription is now officially done. I'm may pop in here on occasion to see what is up, but my intention is to give my brain a WoW break for the most part, so hopefully I'll manage to stay out most days.
Thu at 14:40
Rats. I'm gonna miss start time for May 3 since Hubs is our of the house DMing a StarWars tabletop RPG and tiny tot's bedtime has shifted to between 8 and 8:30. Maybe I'll make the second of the 2 raids?
Fri at 23:51
Worandpaws, Thanks for the link :sick:
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