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Fri at 14:59
That is my biggest complaint, is that from leaving your garrison to getting anywhere you want to be is fairly long in frostfire, compared to alliance zone.
Fri at 15:02
I did several of the opening quests in Frostfire and to me its much harder. I don't know if thats just because I have done Shadowmoon so many more times?
Fri at 15:33
In general I felt like I was running around (confused) a lot more. I don't know if the actual quest material was harder, but it sure seemed to take me longer to do stuff.
Fri at 15:35
or to put it another way: first alliance toon "Hey, I can go to Gorgorand (spelling?), eh, I'll get my outpost started, but I have stuff I need to finish in Shadowmoon still!"
Fri at 15:35
First Horde toon "Hey I can go to Gorgorand! WHAT DO YOU MEAN you aren't giving me a flight path, and I have to ride there? I can't get out of this place fast enough!"
Fri at 15:36
Fri at 17:41
It is National Pie Day. I expect all of you to celebrate in some fashion.
Fri at 17:41
OOOOOO, pecan pie. yay
Fri at 17:41
I'm thinking pizza pie and that I may go to the grocery for half an apple pie.
Fri at 17:42
That sounds good too.
Fri at 17:42
I only have Blue Moon ice cream in the freezer, however.
Fri at 17:43
Fri at 17:48
Fri at 17:48
Didn't think of that one.
Fri at 17:49
ack, need warning of these things!
Fri at 17:50
Although I usually celebrate all things pi/pie related more on march 14th.
Fri at 17:50
I didn't know it was today until I saw a notice in my FB feed from Sandra Boynton.
Fri at 17:51
You can get Boynton stuff in your facebook feed? That would almost tempt me to actually log into my account occasionally :sick:
Fri at 17:52
Yeah. I "liked" her and now get her occasional cartoons. It all started with someone, maybe you, Wor, and her Christmas greeting.
Fri at 17:53
Ugh...now I want pie for lunch, but I have to hang out here at the office. We're expecting a UPS delivery.
Fri at 17:54
I have to go to the Pharmacy after work. I wonder if they have those Hostess pies.
Fri at 18:01
They should.
Fri at 18:03
The grocery is kind of out of the way to go for pie. Hostess pies would qualify for Pie Day.
Fri at 18:04
The pharmacy near us even has a frozen section, so they would probably have frozen apple pies.
Fri at 18:10
Darn it, now I need to go forage for more food--all this pie talk made me hungry again!
Fri at 18:16
They possibly would. Good point.
Fri at 18:33
There was no pie to be had at the coffee joint near work, so I settled for a butter tart. Tarts, pies.....its just a matter of degree, right? :sick:
Fri at 18:36
Tarts are wanna be pies.
Fri at 20:19
oh, hey, new blood elf models, and I don't loathe them on sight....I call that a step forward from the old ones (I know, most people seemed to have liked the belfs, but for some reason I hated them from the moment I saw them)
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