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Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from classic to current content, PvP and arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer together. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines as well.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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This Needs to Be in the Game

Gimmlette a posted Sun at 22:52

We were back in Nighthold for another attempt at a clear. We managed to get to Botanist and make a couple attempts on him before the raid ended. 

Along the way, we entered an area, after Trillax, where there is a walkway leading to a courtyard with a number of packs of mobs. Someone put up a mammoth which, if you know this guild, leads to calls of "Mammoth?" Then someone looked down the walkway toward the courtyard and said, "You know, we should just run in there and trample all of them." What could go wrong with that idea?

We got a full head of steam going. 

Of course they were surprised to see us, but they quickly recovered. Boy did they recover. 

Those with speed boosts or other abilities to get away, turned and fled. The rest of us...

All I can say is this is why we have guild repairs for everyone. 

I think there's been some rightly directed criticism at Blizzard for making the game too serious. This is a great example of the silliness that we exemplify and which the game could certainly benefit from exposure to. They really need to put a "trample" function. It wouldn't work everywhere; namely places where you can't mount; but it would be so fun to charge over things, tramplying them as we go. Toto came up with the achievement you'd get if you were, say, in a BG, faced a line of at least 3 mammoths, and survived. "Did you get the number of the mammoth that hit me?"

We will save this lock-out, to come back and finish off Nighthold. Upgrades were received. The first no-strats boss was downed with minimal strats. We didn't really hit a wall until we got to Botanist. That's where we will start in August. 

Trample. Needs to be an attack. 



Gimmlette a posted Fri at 15:05

Some things to make you aware of. 

1)  Officers meet on Monday to plan August's schedule. If you would like to run something, send us an in-game letter or a whisper. We have a lot we're contemplating already but always welcome suggestions. 

2)  Raiding supplies.

 We have a few more flasks than this, but I can always use more. I have this one bag on my bank toon only for our flasks. We use, usually, two cauldrons a night, although, if we have 15 people or less, we will only use one. My cauldrons now offer 30 flasks so you take one, drink it, and take another, but ONLY if we have 15 or less in the party who need flasks. Any more than that and we don't have enough for everyone to have 2. Unless we start running with 24 or more people, it's not worth it, from a materials stand point, to put down two cauldrons at the same time. However, if you are an alchemist and trying to level, I'm very amenable to someone else putting down a cauldron. Just let me know you want to work on your alchemy. We can use my bank as storage if you don't have enough room in yours. 

The other thing is the need for food for the feasts. I know we need fish, all kinds of fish. Please don't put the additional ingredients, like butter, peppers, salt, etc, in the bank. The guild pays for that. We need big gamy ribs and fish. Did I mention we need fish? All that goes on tab 2. If you can make our feasts, let Miz know. Nomi hates me so I don't know the recipes yet. Having a wide variety of people with feasts helps us when we run mythics or other current content. (Looks angrily at Endingeer.) 

3)  There will be a clean out soon of unplayed alts. Plus, if you are not showing up for events twice a month, you're going to be gone and we won't give you notice. That's less than a handful of you but this is a warning. Two events. That's all we ask. If you're going to be gone for a whole month, we need to know. Arrange your schedule accordingly so you participate. If that is not possible, you may need to step away from us until it is possible. We can help you set up your own guild as a temporary spot so you aren't inundated with "Join my guild" requests. 

4) I have a bunch of screenshot ideas for which I need bodies. Expect to be asked to participate. 

 For instance, how many of you have this toy? Jaxdia came up with a great idea which we want to try to do but we need a bunch of people with this item. On Thursday, Blizzard Watch posted the last screenshot I sent them, so it's time to stage a bunch more. 

5) Sun Darter Hatchling. Yet another of the hidden gems of Legion, to get this pet, there is a long, involved process. Part of that process involves a wide variety of consumables: Noggenfogger elixir; Major Arcane, Fire, Shadow, Holy, Frost and Nature Protection potions; Dire Brew; Winterfall Firewater; Ethereal Oil; Gordok's Ogre Suit; Scotty's Lucky Coin; Perky Pug and the "Little Princess" pug costume; Pgymy Oil; level 1 Scroll of Intellect. We are looking at doing an event to go get this pet, but you can see how much work it's going to take to get all the required items even for one person.

I can make all the potions except the Holy Protection one and I'm farming the mobs which drop it. Those potions need mana thistle. The best place to get mana thistle is in Serpentshrine Caverns. If you want to come with me on a farming expedition, I can show you how I do it so, if you are an herbalist, you, too, can farm mana thistle. 

The ogre suit is made in Dire Maul. Once you make it, it's yours. I found mine while cleaning bags. Scotty's Lucky Coin is a drop off Scotty in Townlong Steppes. Noggenfogger is purchased in Gadgetzen. Ethereal and pygmy oil are made by alchemists. I found a whole bunch of pygmy fish so we probably don't need any more pygmy oil. Dire Brew is from the Dark Iron Brewer at the bar in Blackrock Depths. And the Firewater drops off the furblogs in wintersprings. 

So, you see, we have a lot of work cut out for us if we want to get this pet for quite a few of you. I cleaned out the front tab for donations. If you look, you'll see firewater, pygmy oil and scrolls. You're welcome to add any of the materials or finished components to that section of the tab. We aren't going to be attempting this pet in August; probably after the Disney trip in October to give us time to accumulate what we need. If you are willing to help, just speak up or donate. 

6) Do you have toons which need recipes? We are overloaded in Leatherworking and Blacksmithing. Please take a look and learn what you don't know. Those two professions seem to generate the most patterns. We will be cleaning those out and selling patterns so please take a look at what's there and learn it. I'm considering a gear "garage sale", of sorts, for September. I know a lot of you have gear, particularly greens, you don't want to vendor, and we have a number of people, *cough*, who like transmog so matching people with what they have versus who could use it, is something I want to do. How we do that is something we officers will be discussing. 

7) The 8th Annual Terrapin 500 is August 26th. You need a sea turtle to compete. No other mount is allowed. These can be fished up in any Wrath, Cata, Mists or Draenor fishing pools. If you have a level 3 fishing shack in your garrison, you can also fish it up that way. You can also get the riding turtle via the level 3 fishing shack but the sea turtle is the only mount allowed for this race. If you've never heard of this event, more information will be coming. 

8) Finally, (whew, a lot of housekeeping) how's that transmog for next month's contest coming along? I'm ready. So is Jaxdia (May's winner) and Mizauki. The theme is "Pick a non-SD tabard and build a tmog around it". Dorelei is the judge. Next Friday. Stormwind. 9:00 pm. Make sure you send an in-game letter to Dore with a list of your transmog including which tabard you are using. 


Dorelei I've been sending in level 1 scrolls of intellect, but I would like to find out about farming the mana thistle. I c...
Souvlaki #4 I have one now - didn't even realize it was on that vendor, ty. #5 sounds even more crazy than usual. #7 I have ...

Endgineer GRRRRR

Gimmlette a posted Jul 20, 17

On Wednesday, 10 of us, in 2 groups of 5, went into Gnomeregan to tackle Endingeer Omegaplugg.  To say this boss is hard would be a huge understatement. 

Tarsan and I spent a great deal of time poking about in the interwebs in an attempt to find strats for this boss. There just aren't any later than October of last year. After attempting him, I'm wondering if groups just aren't doing him, so there isn't anyone posting a strat they found works. He drops a toy and this toy may not appeal to everyone either. However, because he is there and there is a toy, that's enough for us to try to work through the encounter so we can take people in to get this. 

First of all, it's at the bottom of Gnomer. 

We're talking down by Thermaplugg. As a 110, you can avoid 98% of the mobs, but this is problematic when you die because rezzing puts you back at the beginning of the instance. As many times as we lived up to the guild name, you will quickly learn how to get from the beginning to the end in the shortest distance possible. 

The boss has a fluid health pool; more on that in a moment. Damage mitigation is vital. You MUST bring your "A" game. You can't be watching TV, talking with friends or family, or otherwise distracted. Nine other people will vouch for this statement. When we go in again, if you can come along, you will need to bring your best geared toon, we think. More on this later. We grouped up; got flasks, one table of food, and breakfast rolls from Dore; broke into two groups and headed in. Each group needs a tank, healer and 3 dps. We don't think group composition matters; at least we couldn't find that it did, unless you wanted to do one strat Tarsan found. 

When the boss is pulled, there are bombs; lots and lots and lots and lots and, oh gawd! BOMBS! That's what's going to kill you, unless you're the tank, in which case, one of the bosses attacks will kill you. You're supposed to kite the bombs. Good luck with that. One strat has you pushing buttons on the sides of the pillars in the room. Other strats have the group in the hallway outside where you can kill the bombs as they come out of the room. 

Another strat is to have a pally tank gather up all the mobs in Gnomer and run them down to the boss. Paladins have a talent where, if they are continually hit by a mob, they gain a natural damage reduction of 90%. Both groups tried that. Miz is in the middle of this. 

We tried everything we could think of. The best either group could do was, I think, 5% health loss. We spent 2 hours wiping. It's now personal. 

The biggest issue is the lack of information on strategies for defeating this boss. Some people wonder if Blizzard is going around scrubbing information to keep groups working on their own strat. My opinion is that groups tried this boss, discovered how incredibly hard he is, and have decided not to come back here. Just like the Mage Tower Challenge on the Broken Shore, this is optional. Unless you want the toy, or the satisfaction of killing a very hard boss, you're not interested. 

Afterward, a few of us were discussing the fight. The following questions came up, for which we don't have hard answers. (There may be more which I didn't write down.)
1) Does ilevel affect health pool? 
    When my group ran in, his health was at 254 million. The other group noticed a drop when gear was changed so we came back in naked. His health was, on my screen, 297 million. Tarsan can explain the health pool mechanic, but we are wondering how ilevel works with this boss. 
2) Are we better off with or without legendaries?
3) Which strat seems to work better? 
    There is another strat which says you keep throwing yourself against the boss for two hours, never resetting the instance. Just after 2 hours, only one bomb door will open, instead of all 6. Kite that bomb and down the boss. We never had a chance to try that because both groups did a reset to try the pally tank method. 
4) What modifications to the strat did we make?
5) What suggestions do we have for certain classes to utilize during the battle; i.e. spell/attack/talent?
    For instance, in my group, Silverkeg was responsible for pillars 1 and 6. He pushed the button on 1, bubbled, mounted his pally charger and made it to button 6 to press before the end of the countdown. Zargz was on his warlock. He was responsible for pillars 3 and 5. He set up a gate between the two. Push button 3 and gate over to button 5. For damage mitigation, I was using Aspect of the Turtle. I can't attack, but it did allow me to run forward to do some damage before the bombs got me. 

These get into a gray area of prescribing what players should use so I'm on the fence about these questions. I present them for discussion. 
1) Do we want to try to figure out which legendaries, per spec, are better?
2) Do we take into account hunter and warlock pets, and list which ones are better?
3) Do we want to investigate gems and enchants and party buffs?

None of this information is available online, that we could find. I'm not one for telling you what gear to get or how to play your toon. The last three questions would be useful for progression guilds who want to do this boss. 

So, I'm going to start a spreadsheet. On that sheet will be name, spec, ilevel, legendaries used by name. I probably ought to include hunter and warlock pets since they do a tremendous amount of damage for the class. We do run logs for our raids and it might be helpful to have people running logs when we do this again. We will be going back in August. If you went on Wednesday, please let me know the information above. I'll get this posted so we can keep track of how we do. Maybe there's something else we need to do. Getting better gear isn't the answer. This boss scales with gear. 

Because there's so little information out there, I want to use the spreadsheet and our trial and error to, once we can consistently down him, write up a post for both WOWHead and the WOW forum. "This is how we did this boss." I think it's important for the community to have this information. Plus, it makes us look good.

There you have it folks. This is, hands down, the hardest boss I have ever fought. We can't carry anyone through this encounter. We don't know minimum dps needed, so you need to be at your peak to come along. I know, once we down him, it will just "click" and we'll go, "Oh THAT'S what you need to do." 

It was a frustrating night, but my group worked very hard to try to crack the key. Watch for another chance to work on this boss in August. If there are other things you feel I should track, post your ideas here. Thanks. 


Miz Speciality

Gimmlette a posted Jul 10, 17

If you check the calendar, sometimes, during a month, you'll see a "Miz Special". These totally random events are about as random as you can get and spring from Mizauki's imagination. We've done pet battles. We've done "Hide and Seek" where we hid and Miz had to find us. This past month, we met in Stormwind and fanned out to bring her things based on clues she gave us. 

The next "Miz Special" will be August 19th and you can get in on the fun now. When you're out questing, look at the stuff that drops. 

 Send Miz any and all GRAY items you want to part with. She's calling this special, "The Round-Up of the Grays". Send all your gray items to Mizauki-Arygos. She will be keeping a running tally of who sends the most; in number and different kinds; and then the totally subjective, who sends in the strangest ones. She will be selling all the grays and depositing the proceeds into the guild bank. Some of us started sending items one at a time, but you don't have to do that. You don't have to send all your grays. You don't have to send any. It's whatever you want to do. 

On August 19th, she will announce the winner(s). 

So, start filling that mailbox. Let's see how many gray items we can gather. For questions about this event, speak to Miz.


A Week of Raiding

Gimmlette a posted Jul 10, 17

This week is going to be jam-packed with exciting raiding opportunities. 

First, Tuesday, we are going into Heroic Emerald Nightmare. 

We have normal Nightmare on farm status. Spiderbird and Cenarius can give us some difficulties, but we get them down now without a wipe. It's time to go backwards and work through the harder content. Gear drops are ilevel 850, so chances are good, if you bring your main, there won't be drops you can use. We welcome alts that you might want to gear up. 

Ultimately, our goal will be to clear EN on mythic, but one step at a time. This idea that we are in current content is still rather heady to me so we're not going to push things and risk burning people out. As usual, come gemmed and enchanted. Don't be like Tarsan and have your cloak unenchanted. Rings, neck and cloak. Enchants are in the bank. If they are not, ask in chat. They may have been used and we can certainly get you more. We also have gems in the bank. Please avail yourself of our bank. That's why it's there. 

Tomorrow is Burning Crusades Timewalking and with that comes the release of Black Temple as a Timewalking raid. To say people are excited for this is a very big understatement. We have it on the schedule; Thursday and Saturday. This is what you need to know. 

1) According to Blizzard, this will work like any other Timewalking event. Your current gear will be downgraded to a level appropriate to the era. I believe this means the Warglaives of Azzinoth will be useful again. I'm going to bring Thori'dal just to see. If you have the Warglaives, feel free to bring them. 

2) This is going to be just like any other raid. Come gemmed and enchanted. I have a level 70 gear set but I think I'm going to stay in my current gear, minus the weapon. We will have food and cauldrons. 

3) Unlike a BT run outside of Timewalking, we are going to have to follow strats. Some things, we probably won't have to do, but the basic strats will have to be followed. If you have never been to Black Temple or never saw it when it was current content, this is an excellent opportunity for you. We will die. This is not a raid which can be completed in one setting at level. Even Sunwell geared guilds could not complete the raid in one 3 hour setting. It's just that big. We have it spread over 2 days just so we are not rushed to try to clear everything in one night. There is a lot of trash and 90% of it has to be cleared. That takes time.

4) The gear which drops in here will be excellent for your mains. There are also pets. The above image is from my favorite boss, the Essence of Suffering. This boss drops a couple of pets. 

5) This is the first time for this. Expect problems and oopses and things to not work as intended. I actually expect hot fixes on Wednesday. They want to see if this will work so they can release more raids as Timewalking events. 

I'm really excited for this. Please be ready to go at 8:45 both days.


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