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Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from Classic to current content, PvP and Arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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and look what happens.

Around Azeroth: Midnight blue

"File this under our guild motto, "Hold my drink and watch this," writes submitter Gimmlette. "Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A) ran Siege of Orgrimmar, first wing, to give a few boosted 90's the chance to get gear. After Norushen, one of the tanks, BigBearButt, suggested he run into the next room and use his battle horn. What could possibly go wrong with this idea? Or, as Peter Venkman says, 'I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it!' We only wiped out half of the raid the first time. A couple more blasts and we had 98% of the room. There were a couple that stubbornly resisted the call. Rounding them all up created a really cool pattern, almost like Picasso's blue period."
So at the beginning of the month we started taking caption submissions for this picture....

And boy did we get some FANTASTIC ones! They are always good, but these all had me in stitches. It was extremely hard to pick a winner. But here they are:

1st Place : Ilrisse - "In Soviet Azeroth, Demon TV eats YOU. (really all of Ilrisse's submissions are very funny though.)

2nd Place : Bearsilver - Kaider Kaider i need to go out why can i never find him when i need to go out hey whats in here oh shiny. (Read in the voice of the dog from the movie Up)

3rd Place: Gimmlette - Never ask Kaider to summon people when he's drunk. (The truth in this is VERY funny...)

Congratulations to the Winners!

Be checking your mailboxes for your prizes to arrive! Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption! They were fantastic!

Be on the look out for Novembers Caption Contest! You could win:

  • First place - 200 gold and a surprise box*
  • Second place - 150 gold and a surprise box
  • Third place - 100 gold and a surprise box

  • -Skip

    Post Patch

    Gimmlette a posted Sat at 17:19
    News and notes post 6.0.2. 

    New UBRS is boring. I suppose that's to be expected as it's not the full instance (I'm told) which we will experience at level 100. 

    Oh look! I new boss and this boss has lightning. (Blizzard seems enamored with lightning as an attack.) My group, which consisted of Skipkick, Vercilles, Unclebob, Totorodoo and myself, went in blind, not knowing anything about what to expect. This first boss was a pushover. I kept getting a DBM announcement to shut off the conduit but I couldn't find any conduit in need of shutting off. Perhaps that will happen when it becomes level 100. 

    We wiped once on the second boss. Hmmm...eyes on you is, generally, not a positive thing. I tried running away, but my health dropped quickly. Interrupt the cast of the eyes and you're good to go. 

    We also wiped once on the arena event. There needs to be crowd control of the summoners. We got overwhelmed, but died right as the final boss arrived. When we came back, he was all we had left to kill. 

    That blue dragon is Awbee. If you ran UBRS a long time ago, there was a quest to free Awbee who was lying, injured, on a ledge just beyond this point. I remember doing it on Gimm and, maybe, Maoohm, but I don't remember the details of the quest chain. It's nice to see Blizzard bringing back some things for this run. 

    But, my first impression is one of gloom. I was expecting something else. I suppose that's my expectations, but UBRS is such an iconic part of WOW, has such a long history, that this truncated instance just doesn't do it justice. Mobs died very fast for us. It didn't take us repeated wipes to figure out the mechanics of a fight, and I was extremely sad to see the rest of the instance locked off. Has anyone with an unattuned character tried to get into Blackwing Lair? They have to have removed that attunement. You can't get to General Drak to do it. I hope, when Warlords goes live, there is more coming. If you are in need of gear, what drops is good for a toon that can get to i510. Honestly, you're better off running Siege with us or running Siege LFR than running UBRS a lot. 

    Speaking of Siege, they have changed the designations of groups now. Heroic is now "Mythic". Normal is now "Heroic" and Flex is now "Normal". Whatever. They also removed the lock out from our run before the patch dropped. Siege has now become like Throne of Thunder where we have to start at the beginning and keep the lock out from week to week. We'll do our best to get through this raid before Warlords, but we'll need participation from a lot of people to do it. Watch the schedule. Come on along. There's just so much to do in these last weeks. We are less than a month away. 

    If you haven't been over there, Madame Goya has closed her Black Market Auction House and is looking for greener pastures. I don't think they have announced where she's going to be. This is probably a good thing, at least for me. I'm trying to save for that Alliance motorcycle and I can't do that if there are shinies on the BMAH. 

    Deathtacular got a guild achievement on Friday night. 

    I'd like us to try to run UBRS and the Horseman. I'm willing to tank; it seems easier than before, with less buttons to keep tabs on. If you haven't done the horde Iron Invasion, it's easy to do and I didn't die and you know how easy it is to kill my cow. 

    A bunch of us met up and welcomed Vol'jin as warchief. 

    Finally, if you don't do it with any regularity, consider this your nudge to change your WOW password. 

    Log into your account. Go to "Settings" and then "Change Password". 

    I'm sure Blizzard sees all sorts of attempts to purloin its customer's ID's and passwords. With all the recent hackings; Jimmy Johns, JPMorganChase, US Bank, Target, Home Depot, to name a few; changing your password routinely helps keep you one step ahead. Just don't make it "12345678". That's mine and it's also the combination to my luggage. 


    Surprisingly Smooth

    Gimmlette a posted Oct 15, 14
    I have played this game a long time and have endured a lot of patches. Big content patches like this, that change the way we play our characters and introduce a lot of new content. have been, historically, slogs; lots of things broken or not working as intended. While there are some oops and uh ohs, I felt this content patch went surprising smooth. It helps that Blizzard has become smarter about releasing this content and started sending it out over a week ago. That was a downside in that it slowed down some people's computers, but the ability to download the patch early meant installation was much quicker and smoother. You'll want to check out the hot fixes here

    I think the best thing about the patch was the amount of bag space I now have. It was the first thing I did, when I logged in. I bought the reagent tab and then searched my bags and bank for toys. Once those were in the toy box, I emptied a bag of a MoP gear set I want to keep and headed to void storage. Adding that and some other things I want to save to the second tab of void storage netted me one empty bag. Then I went back to the bank and clicked "Add reagents". Holy empty space, Batman! Best. Thing. Ever. I sorted my bags according to how I use things. You might want to check out the autosort ability. Click the broom at the upper right of your backpack and the game sorts everything for you. You can select what items go into what bags, too. 

    I did the pre-expansion events in the beta and was underwhelmed by them. The only good thing is that they don't take much time to do. As I mentioned last night, one of the mobs you need to kill, scouts, had a horrible respawn rate in the beta. People got into yelling matches because scouts were stolen from people camping respawn points. I'm very glad to see the respawn rate has been buffed tremendously. The title and achievement is account wide now. It originally wasn't but that's one of the hot fixes. 

    I added WOWHead's guide to gearing up and the changes to gems and enchants. You'll want to take a look at your gear and then read their guide. Hit, expertise, dodge and parry have been removed. Purple, orange and green gems seem to have been the most affected in terms of change. Enchants with hit and expertise have been changed and profession combat perks have been removed. Remember to read, thoroughly, the patch notes and the notes for every class you play regularly. 

    Lastly, if you logged onto your horde toon before September 30th, your motorcycle is here. 

    The "Favorite Random Mount" button is now active, too. It's in the upper right corner of the mount tab. 

    I didn't vote for the horde bike. Honestly, I didn't really like either one. Minaithelan and I hopped onto our hordies to model these. 

    In game, these don't look too bad at all. 

    I had fun, after we posed for photos, running over stuff. We need a few horde to pose some place, maybe the bridge into Azshara from Ashenvale. 

    I think it translated well from real life to in-game. It does look like it's something we'd ride. Now to save the 100k for the Alliance bike. 

    Oh, just a note, if you are looking for the Black Market Auction House, Madame Goya has packed up her tent and is heading to greener pastures. For me, that's probably a good thing. More of a chance to save my money toward the other bike. 


    Goodbye UBRS

    Gimmlette a posted Oct 13, 14
    On Sunday, October 5th, we ran through UBRS. Unless you were close to level, you had to do it naked. So many memories of the place. 

    I've played long enough that I remember when UBRS was a 10 man raid. When it first came out, it was a 15-man raid and it was tough. You needed a key to get in. (Remember the key chain? I was so proud of myself for getting every single key in the game at the time the chain was removed.) Getting the key, which was an amulet, involved multiple runnings of Lower Blackrock Spire to get a signet on which you affixed 4 different colored gems. The signets dropped like candy. At one point, we had 15 of them in the guild bank. You could sell them in the AH, but I would, periodically, sell 2/3rds of our stash because everyone was donating them.

    Everyone else in your 5-man was working on the key so when you killed a boss who dropped a gem, everyone rolled on the gem. It was sooooo frustrating to get all the gems. If you chanced pugging a run, invariably someone would drop if they didn't win the roll or if they did on the one gem they had left to get, and you were stuck trying to fill that empty slot. LBRS was tough in vanilla, even if you were in AQ40 gear, the top gear you could get at the time. 

    When you got all your gems, you went to Duskwallow and sought out a dragon named Emberstrife. He's still around in the cave to the southwest of Onyxia's cave. You needed an orb to mind control him. I forget where you got the orb. It might have come from the guy in Wintersprings who was also in the quest chain to get the key to enter Onyxia's Lair. You used the orb to control Emberstrife and then had to use his breath ability to fuse the gems to the amulet. You only had 3 minutes, I think, before the orb's mind control dropped and you found yourself facing a very angry dragon. You always brought friends to do this. I think the orb had a ridiculously long cooldown too, so it wasn't like you could use it immediately afterwards. It could have been if you didn't get the gems fused right away, you lost your amulet and had to start the process all over again. There was something about doing this that, if you failed, you really needed to either die or kill Emberstrife, and come back at a later date. I remember having to do the process twice because I failed the first time. It was nerve-wracking because you had to use the breath weapon at a specific time and there was a cooldown. 

    If you didn't have anyone with the key to the the door, you usually spent 20 minutes in Ironforge offering gold for someone to open the door. The few times I did UBRS before getting SD up and running, we would have to chip in 3-5 gold a piece to get someone willing to come over to UBRS and open the door. It was such a hassle so I was kind of glad the key was removed from the game, but the whole process to get it was kind of epic. Since you HAD to go into UBRS to work on the quest for the key for Onyxia's Lair and to get attuned to Blackwing Lair, we needed to get a bunch of people their UBRS key. We were in LBRS a lot in our first year. I still have my amulets on both Gimm and Maaohm. Badges of honor. 

    In the photo above, you see the moment when Pyroguard Emberseer is charged and active. The red explosions around the room are from the icons on the floor. I started playing WOW after this was a requirement for activating him so I'm not completely sure how that worked. Each icon corresponds to one in the floor of the rooms outside Emberseer's, where the trash mobs are. This icon idea is also in Molten Core. There are icons by each of the bosses. You needed Aqual Quintessence to douse the flames on each icon, in addition to killing the bosses and slapping around Majordomo, to call Ragnaros. I still have my bottle of Quintessence. It's kind of like the Mallet of Zul'Farrak. I worked hard to get these so I'm going to save them forever. If someone remembers how the icons worked in UBRS, please share that with us. 

    After Emberseer is the Rookery. If you wanted to call the optional boss, you had to deal with the whelps which spawned from the eggs whenever you got near them. If you didn't want to call the optional boss, you just needed to get from the door up the ramp to the second floor. For those of you who aren't familiar with the meme, here's the video which spawned the "Leeeroy Jenkins" achievement. It contains swearing, just so you know. 

    This achievement is going to become a Feat of Strength to be replaced by something else. Groups just started charging in and it because something of a mark of honor to survive aggroing most of the room. The eggs respawn really quickly so you could find yourself battling a lot of whelps. Here's one of our attempts, at level 70, no less, of pulling the room. 

    There is another one here that shows the proper way to get the title. That's Totorodoo doing the healing. I don't know who the other people in the group are. By this time, UBRS was a 5-man.  

    You journeyed on through the event and came to the arena where Nefarian and Rend Blackhand watched as you battled wave after wave of mobs. I think this was my first exposure to the wave mechanic. It's become ubiqitous in the game. I always mention how you shouldn't go behind the gates of the arena. Here's the video of why this is a bad idea. 

    It was rather hilarious. We should try this again with the new UBRS. 

    You could enter Blackwing Lair through UBRS and thereby avoid the attunement process for the Lair. You just needed someone with the key to UBRS. My very first "raid"  was after running 10-man UBRS. The tank said, "Come on back this way" and we went through the portal into BWL. "We're gonna die," he said, "but watch this." We activated the encounter and, yes, quickly got overrun with adds. At the time, I didn't think I wanted to go into that raid ever again, after I'd been swarmed. Now that we'll have more void storage room, I will be running it to get the bow that drops off Nefarian for use in transmog. (I prefer guns but that's a great looking bow.) 

    Continuing on, you came to The Beast's room. 

    I'd never seen a core hound before wandering into this room. Periodically, three orcs would spawn in the back corner next to him. He would breathe on them and they would die. He looked impossibly big. He has a 'punting' mechanic that would remove people from the group. The first time we fought him, the tank pulled and was punted to the ledge above the fight. It was usually a guaranteed death to drop down to the floor because the punt took part of your health. If your punt caused you to slam into the wall, that would reduce your health too. 

    Leatherworkers wanted to run UBRS because The Beast dropped Finkle's Skinner, which increased your skinning ability. I think having this was the only way you could skin Onyxia and, if you were running Blackwing Lair, you needed her scales to make the Onyxia Scale Cloak which was required, back in the day, to survive the shadowflame breath from the dragons in the Lair. A note about those cloaks, we have 3 if you are interested in having one. I have a lot of scales so if someone has the Cindercloth Cloak recipe and a leatherworker has the Ony cloak pattern, we can attempt to make more of these cloaks for those who would like them. The Cindercloth recipe is a drop off the Thaurissan Firewalkers in Burning Steppes. The Ony cloak is a quest chain that I think is still in the game. It's obtained from Major Mattingly at the front of Stormwind. It can easily be soloed now.

    After dealing with The Beast and meeting Finkle Einhorn for the first time (A conversation with Finkle can be found in our Gallery in the "Instances" folder.), you ran across a bridge to get to General Drakkisath's room. This bridge accorded a view straight down into Lower Blackrock Spire. The construction of the mountain has always been interesting to me. You could get into Molten Core through Blackrock Depths, thereby bypassing its attunement. But it would take at least an hour to get to the portal entrance unless you decided to lava swim. Blackwing Lair is accessed from UBRS and you can get to LBRS by surviving a fall from the bridge in UBRS. To me, it makes the mountain feel like a giant city with all sorts of places to explore. That's probably what it was designed to feel like. It also feels as if Nefarian and Ragnaros are co-conspirators, in spite of Raggy moving to Firelands. 

    Another side note: you used to not be able to mount up or fly inside the mountain. The minute you entered, you were dismounted and getting to the center section where the stone for Molten Core was or getting to UBRS/LBRS and Blackwing Lair involved a chain run. Plus, there was a stone on the outer ring for summoning people to Blackwing Lair. That was removed in a Mists patch. You used to have to run the wall and jump onto the balcony outside UBRS. You know how "well" I jump. It was so frustrating to have to get up there. 

    The fight with General Drakkisath, at level, involved kiting him and then killing his adds. I had just read about this "kiting" business on some hunter web site the day before we were to attempt UBRS for the first time. I'd never done it. The tank said, "Gimm, can you kite him?" "Sure," I said, confidently although not at all sure I could do this. I shot, turned around and ran, Ursa at my side. You needed to kite him into the room where The Beast was. By then, your group should have killed his associates or they were nearly dead. You feigned death and he ran back to the group where the tank was ready to pick him up.

    Yeah, in theory, that's how it works. I shot, turned and took off. If Drak caught you, he applied a fire effect and he punted you. I made it almost into the room on the opposite end of the bridge. I should have kept going, but I wanted to see where Drak was so I stopped to turn around and look. This was before I realized that my camera had angles and I could zoom out far enough to see. I got punted off the side of the bridge and landed, splat, in LBRS. I had to rez way back at Thorium Point (This was back when you could rez during boss encounters.) and run back into the instance. They managed to keep Drak alive long enough for me to get onto the bridge so I had a shot at the loot that dropped. 

    Once Wrath hit and we were level 80's, we decided it wasn't much of a challenge to kite Drak, let him loose and kill him so we quit doing that and just killed him and his two adds. But, eventually, that wasn't much of a challenge, either. "What if we kited Drak back to The Beast's room and killed all of them at the same time?" What could possibly go wrong with that idea? Here's our first attempt. Watch for the snowballs. 

    I still have that cat. It's from old Zul'Gurub. That's the Gyrobalanced Khorium Destroyer and the season 3 arena axe. I had to get rid of the axe for space reasons and since hunters no longer equip melee weapons when going into combat, it was hard to delete but necessary. I did not get rid of the gun. When it was announced that you could get all the old weapons from previous PvP seasons, I rushed to Area 52 and purchased the axe. It's another one of those, "I worked hard for this" item. That's the Beast Lord armor I'm wearing. I look at this video and recognize so many people who aren't playing anymore. UBRS was still a 10-man raid at this point.

    So, the final running of UBRS consisted of dragging Drak and all the mobs in his room back to The Beast's room. 

    In my group, Riziyn volunteered to round 'em all up. I pulled The Beast which simply consisted of getting close to him. 

    It was a lot of fun and quite the culmination of years of running this 5-man. I'm excited to see what new attacks they put with the bosses. There were so many things you could get out of here, some of which are going away, like Finkle's Skinner. I came back the next day and tamed The Beast. Tarsan was the first one in the guild to tame this guy when he became tameable. Like the original Zul' Gurub tiger, it's a reminder of where I've been in this game. 

    So long old UBRS. Thanks for years of great memories. 

    Corien Also, the seal of ascension (http://www.wowhead.com/item=12344) had an additional effect besides opening UBRS. In the R ...
    Corien Ah yes, UBRS. I was one of the few in my guild that had that key back then. I had to make the trek there quite a few t ...
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