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Welcome One And All To Spectacular Death's Website.

Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from Classic to current content, PvP and Arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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To Answer A Question

Gimmlette a posted 6 hours ago
Every so often in chat, someone will ask about the distribution of classes and races in the guild. I haven't done pie charts representing those numbers since last year so I thought I'd do that to show amounts of each class and race in the guild. I did not break it out further into "how many gnome warlocks". All the data is based off roster information from the Battle Net site. 

First of all, here is the break down of races in SD. 

Humans lead the way with 121. Dwarves have 61. Night elves and gnomes have 91. Draenei have 79. Worgen have 71 and Pandaren have 60. 

Here is the class break down. 

We have 63 monks and 62 hunters. (Must recruit moar hunters. Twitch.) Priests are next at 57, which surprised me. Death knights and druids are at 55. Paladins are at 54. Warriors are at 46. Mages are at 44. Warlocks are at 43. Shaman are at 37 and rogues are at 33.

I don't know how these numbers compare with numbers Blizzard maintains. I remember reading some time ago that rogues had the lowest numbers. I think it's interesting to see how our roster stacks up. I can't do a male/female distribution easily. That would be an interesting graphic. If you want to do that, you'll need to look at each toon in the roster because there isn't a sort function for that on the Battle Net site. 

Having done this, I thought it would be interesting to see how Deathtacular breaks down. Here is the chart for races. 

Blood elves are the most popular with 29 toons. After that comes tauren at 19, orcs at 13, trolls at 12, undead at 10, goblins at 9 and pandaren at 2. 

The class break down is this. 

On the horde side, we have the most hunters with 14. Next is shaman at 12. Then it's the death knights and paladins at 10. Warlocks have 9. Druids, warriors, monks and rogues all have 7. Mages have 6 and priests have 5. This is quite interesting, don't you think? 

Another question I get asked is "What does Deathtacular need?" DT isn't like SD in that we don't really play most of our time over there. It was created to be part of our stated goal, "To provide the total WOW experience within a guild setting". If you want to see the horde side, you can and know that anyone who logs into DT is someone you know from SD. We absolutely do not recruit horde side. You must have a toon in SD to put one in DT. 

That being said, I was looking at the achievements and it seems we are a monk shy of A Class Act. We just need a monk at level 85 for that achievement. That will get us a Shroud of Cooperation. The "big" one is Stay Classy. That will take awhile for us to get. We need to have one of each race and class at level 85. I have a dwarf mage I rarely play who was created for SD to get that achievement. If we were to get that in Deathtacular, that would give us the 8th bank tab. So, if you are looking for something DT needs, my suggestion would be to take a look at the classes and see which class doesn't have a toon at level 85 and level it. It's not a priority to get that bank tab so make whatever you'd like. 

This should answer a bunch of questions. It's always fun to see how the numbers fall. 

Jorlynn o In answer to your query, Gimm, if I added correctly: male Draenei 33, female Draenei 46 male Dwarf 41, female Dwarf 20 ...
Faience Extremely interesting!
Squidchin a If anyone does care, for stay classies we need: Orc: Rogue, Shaman, Death Knight, Mage, and Monk Tauren: Hunter, DK, Pal ...
We were short a tank to start the Siege, Wing 3 run tonight so we decided to run around killing the trash. (Stupid training dummies just would.not.die.) The first thing we decided to do was have Ceerise blow her Battle Horn in the room right as you come in. It attracts all mobs in a 40 yard range. What could possibly go wrong with this idea? 

The first attempt, we were just inside the room and that 40 yards didn't grab much. We were able to dps the mobs down very quickly and easily. So we moved farther into the room. 

Whenever you're ready, Ceerise. 

Here they come!

Round 'em up, Kamingi! Oh wait. There are some Kor'kron Skullcrushers in this mix. Um...

We got 4 of them down. The rest? Well, let's just say it was spectacular. 

It was a great, silly, way to start the raid. Definitely one of our, "Hold my drink and watch this" moments. 

Malkorok got to 52%. We'll be back in Siege on Sunday. You all come along. A few more people and he's a goner. 



Gimmlette a posted Tue at 19:12
With the news that yet another Sea Turtle was fished up late Monday evening, the racing field is getting crowded. All racers should be in Ironforge ready to go by 8:45 p.m. on Saturday. This will give us a chance to write down everyone's name so the "announcer" can properly type that in introductions. 

The race starts at 9 p.m., or shortly thereafter. It's 5 laps of Ironforge. Top 3 winners get gold. Please avoid your speed boosts so the field is just a bunch of people using their mouses to guide turtles around Ironforge. Be prepared for some craziness. If you have fireworks to set off as the racers come by, bring them along. 

Once the winners have had their photos taken, we will adjourn to Dalaran and do it all again. If you'd like, you can race on your horde toon. I will be bringing Heilandcoo to the Dalaran race. Remember, everyone who comes gets 25 gold. If you come in costume, you get 75 gold. Need help putting together a costume? Have I got a deal for you. 

Stuff, lots and lots of stuff stored off site; tuxedo pants and shirts, white dresses and red suits, along with other things. Plus, our guild tailors can make a lot of things. Shirts are for sale in Stormwind at the tailoring shop along the canal. A costume is not required. You can race very well in your current armor, but having a costume ups the "What the..." quotient in both Ironforge and Dalaran. 

Are you looking for a rare battle pet? Look no further than a rodent crate. 

This item is only available to people in Lion's Landing in Krasarang. You can see it costs 2000 of the dominion marks which you get off NPCs involved in the quests from Lion's Landing. Once purchased and put on the ground, it summons Sumprush Rodents, also known as 'rodents of unusual size'. The crate lasts for 20 minutes and the area around Lion's Landing gets filled with rodents. You must battle them to capture one. 

Jorlynn, Ollivor and I have enough marks for 3 crates. We'd love to use these for people to acquire their rodents (thereby getting them out of our bags). If you're interested, please let me know so we can make sure to coordinate purchase. If you have not done any questing with Lion's Landing, you won't be able to capture a rodent. 

Last Friday, we paid a visit to Orgrimmar, again. We heard a rumor that the goblin bankers were taking a cut of materials stored in banks and that Garrosh wasn't inclined to stop the practice. 

That's our story and we're sticking to it, hard-core PvP guild notwithstanding. An hour after we'd been driven from the bank, some of our skeletons still remained. 

I'm still looking for hordies, level 60+, to run the raids for achievements. 

Only Magister's Terrace is left from Burning Crusades and then we can plow through Wrath 5-mans. We need 10 people to get the achievement for classic and BC dungeons. Our last "Achievement Hordes" night was pre-empted by Siege, Wing 2 and General Nazgrim. Watch for another few more to pop up on the schedule between now and Patch 6.0. 

Ilrisse My monk's in Deathtacular now, so feel free to poke me whenever! On my Windows platform a lot recently (WoW's on Macsid ...
Faience Oooh, I'd love to do horde achievements. My paladin's 86 and has a healing spec.

Around Azeroth: Give us dirty laundry

"While running some guild members through heroic Culling of Stratholme to get the Zombiefest achievement, I noticed this tucked off in a corner," writes submitter Epicurian ofSpectacular Death on Llane (US-A). "I realized this is something you don't see in the towns and villages in Azeroth. Do they all have electricity so they all have dryers? Or are they keeping the local economy going by tossing out all their dirty clothing and buying new? Come to think of it, we don't even clean our clothes. Day after day, week after week, month after month, stuck in the same suit of armor. It's kind of interesting that the one place where people are doing their laundry is where they are all about to become zombies."

(Gimm's note: Here's a link to the referenced song. 

It's A Challenge

Gimmlette a posted Sun at 15:37
One of the things that comes up in chat, periodically, is the desire among some people to run the Challenge Mode dungeons. For a time, we were doing them regularly and the guild stands at 6 of 9 dungeons achieved with a bronze medal time. We have 1 that has been completed at silver medal time. 

Jorlynn reports that Tom Chilton told MMO Champion to expect Patch 6.0 "a month ahead of Warlords". That would put the patch date at or around October 13th. This would be in line with the datamined new items for the Headless Horseman. With this target date in mind, that gives us roughly 6 weeks to get these. If you can get a silver medal in all of them, there is a neat mount available. There is interest so I am willing to facilitate getting groups together to run these. Here's what you need to know to participate. 

First of all, you need to know

Challenge Mode dungeons are hard. Period. 

This is why they are called "Challenge Mode". They are specifically designed to test your limits as a player. You cannot overgear them and just blast through. 

Second, if you do not have the time, patience or inclination to make the necessary changes to gear and the willingness to learn, these are not for you and, frankly, you will be a drag on others willing to do the work. Make no mistake about this. This is work and you will be required to do it. Our mantra here is "We take anyone anywhere", but I will take you aside and suggest you not do these if you can't keep up your end of the run. 

Third, you will be required to read the strats and watch the videos prior to running the dungeon. We have never required this, with the exception of Deathwing, before. But, everyone who wants to do CM dungeons is going to need a working knowledge before we get in there. We have, in achieving what we've done so far, ignored or modified strats and there will be more of that to progress through these. HOWEVER, there are a lot of fantastic helps out there and it just makes sense to read and prepare for what you're about to do. 

These are hugely addictive and a whole lot of fun to run. Each team needs a tank, healer and 3 dps. We will need invisibility potions, lots of them. There are, currently, 43 on the front tab. If we're going to do this in earnest, we need ghost mushroom and sungrass. Most any alchemist in the guild should be able to make this. If you don't have an herbalist or an alchemist, buy up the raw materials and ship them off to one of our alchemists. Any invisibility pots created can be put on the front tab. 

Allison Robert, from WOWInsider, has been running a series on how to do Challenge Modes. These articles are very, very informative and should be read by anyone interested in doing the dungeons. You'll be able to tell, after reading them, if this is something you want to pursue. 

So, to run in SD's Challenge Mode dungeons, here's what you're going to have to do:

1)  Get yourself a set of CM gear. All gear is lowered to ilevel 463. You cannot use the legendary cape. Those of us who have been doing these for awhile got gear off Timeless Isle. Tier set bonuses don't work so breaking a set to get what you need is far preferable to having a set. Gear does not scale up. It only scales down. You are not doing yourself a favor by getting gear lower in ilevel than 463. Gear with gem slots is preferable to no gem slots. For ease of equipping, use the Equipment Manager function of your character screen. 

2)  Gem and enchant your gear accordingly. Legendary cape, legendary sha-touched gem and legendary meta gems do not work so don't use them. You will need to plan to reforge, regem and reenchant, a lot, until you get your toon just right. Remember, we are self-sufficient so ask in chat for what you need in terms of gems and enchants. 

3)  You MUST go to the Proving Grounds to test your gear. You should be capped for whatever your primary stats are. Get your gear, get your gems and enchants and head to the Proving Grounds. You will find that you will need to reforge this new gear set to be what your class recommends in stats. Hit and expertise caps stay in place but you will need to reforge to meet caps. I am not requiring that you earn gold in Proving Grounds to participate in CM. Heck, I can't get past level 7 in silver. 

The Proving Grounds also reduces your gear to i463 so working through the bronze level is the perfect way to make sure you have your gear ready to go. There is a reforger at the Proving Grounds so you can make adjustments on the fly. 

4)  You need to know your class and spec. Technically, I shouldn't have to say this but I'm putting it out there. You need to know what each button on your UI does. You need to know what crowd control abilities you have, what interrupts, what boosts you bring. Your UI should be set up so you can find all these things instantly. It is extremely disheartening to hear, "I don't know where that button is" when we're trying to get through one of these. Working through the events of the Proving Grounds should make you realize that things have to be where you can find them instantly. 

Here's where I'll take anyone anywhere. It does not matter what your class or spec is. If you know it and can pull your weight, you'll go. 

5)  Healers MUST have Restorative Amber. It requires honored rep with the Klaxxi. We will need flasks, banquets and noodle carts. If you have decided to use potions of a certain kind (I like haste pots, myself), you need to provide them. I also recommend health and mana potions and bandages. If you would care to donate any of this, tab 1 next to the invisibility potions, please. Drums of Rage do not work in CM. 

6)  Read up on the strats and watch the videos. I'll be posting the articles from Insider to the Challenge Mode thread in the forum. There is a post from January which detailed the videos. You need to watch those as well as read these articles. If anyone has additional links or helps, please post them there. 

7)  If you're this far and you really want to do these, I need to know ASAP. We will be doing some CM runs in August as we find the time, but I will make dedicated evenings in September available for those who want to run these, to learn them, to conquer them. My goal is that SD and anyone willing to do the work for these have the silver medal and the mount. If we get gold, so much the better, but I do not want to burn us out or frustrate us by saying the target is gold. If you have more than one toon ready, I need to know that as well. Tarsan reports that mounts are toon specific so if you are wanting to run these on more than one toon, I need to know that as well. We are under the gun as it were to get these done. 

There you have it folks. This is what you need to know and to do to run CM with us. We will not carry you. You must be able to pull your weight because this is a supreme case of teamwork. If you want to do this, sign up in the comments below. I will need to know your schedule so I can plan accordingly. 


Note:  Keg thought he read that the legendary gems would work, although Insider's information says they do not. He spent some time conducting tests but the results were inconclusive and downright weird. Until we know for sure, I, personally, would recommend you stay away from them. Once we know, we'll pass along the information
Faience I'd definitely like to get the achievements, but I'm not hugely familiar with Mists dungeons (which I mostly skipped pas ...
Zint Zint, my Hunter is about ready to go on this, sans a few gear changes. I am busy up until this coming Sunday, after that ...
Lasts anything I can do to help lmk, Im working on a set for my pally but I have all my medals on lasts so I don't mind just b ...
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