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Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from Classic to current content, PvP and Arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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Fill In The Blank

Gimmlette a posted Tue at 17:11

As you all know, my daughter married on Saturday, March 21st. Skiipkick, Brickbank and Totorodoo came to the event. Skip and Brick made the following card. I think this should be turned into a contest.

1) You can enter as often as you like, but each answer must be a separate entry.
2) Contest runs from today (3-24) to April 1st. The winner will be announced on April 2nd.
3) Keep the entries PG.
4) 1st place wins 250 gold. 2nd place wins 200 gold. 3rd place wins 150 gold. There may be ties.
5) Judges are myself, Skip and Brick.
6) If you posted to the Facebook page with the same photo, I moved your answer to the contest thread.

Post your answers in this thread

Good luck!


P.S. They did post an answer on the inside of the card. 100 gold to the person who actually guesses it. 

If you are looking to get the Field Photographer achievement, here is the route I used to take all the necessary photos in Kalimdor. It's not as extensive as Eastern Kingdoms. You can check out my suggested route for that section here

Start your trek by getting to Moonglade. Anywhere in Moonglade gets you the achievement. I took a portal to Darnassus and the taxi to Moonglade. Remember, some zones have the auto dismount function. It's moreso in Northrend but it has happened on all continents. I usually always take the taxi because I can do other things while on the bird, but the auto dismount makes me more inclined to let someone else do the flying. I've died in too many places where I can't get to my body. 

There are a lot of places in Moonglade that lend themselves to interesting selfies. The horde flight master is not one of them. 

From Moonglade, head to Nordrasil, the great tree in Hyjal. This is NOT the raid. This is merely the zone. 

Just like Moonglade, you don't have to go far to get a selfie that counts toward the achievement. From Nordrasil, I flew to Ratchett. You're going to have to fly on your own mount to Echo Isles, the troll starting area. 

If you've never been there, Echo Isles is off the southeast corner of Durotar. Flying to Ratchett, I mounted up and flew northeast toward some Alliance ships I saw off the coast of Durotar. Echo Isles is north of those ships. It comprises several islands, all of which count toward the achievement. A level 6 Vol'jin is here too. It's worth making a troll and going through the starter quest line. Wait, he says THAT about Garrosh!? 

I flew back to Ratchett and took the taxi to Mudsprocket. Once there, I flew east to Onyxia's Lair. You don't have to go all the way down into the lair to snap your selfie with the old gal, but the trash leading up to her consists of 4 dragonkin who are one-shots. Onyxia herself is easy to solo at level 90. I can do it on my cow so if you know your toon, she's a push-over. If you just want to snap and move on, run into the raid, snap your selfie and run back out. Head back to Mudsprocket and fly to Feralas and Dreamer's Rest. 

I'm willing to bet many of you skipped this zone. It's easy to do. Back when it was current content, I didn't quest much here either. There was the night elf city, Feathermoon, on an island off the coast. You took a boat to get to the island until level 80 when swimming was actually faster as the boat went around the island and you could swim a straight line from the dock to Feathermoon. The naga took over the island when the cataclysm occurred. It once was a place alchemists had to go to learn the next recipes and train. The night elf town, Feathermoon Stronghold, on Feralas is where the elves went after their town was destroyed. 

If you are power leveling, skipping Feralas is very easy to do. There are quests on the east side of the zone and at Dreamer's Rest and Feathermoon. If you are interested in what happened to the world dragons, the quest chain for that starts in the waypoint just off the road south of Dire Maul. It's worth doing. You'll also find a master pet battler here. The middle of the zone is horde, given to quests out of Camp Mojache. There used to be the Alliance only quest chain to get a sprite darter, but that's now available to both factions. 

Dreamer's Rest is at the northwest quadrant of the zone. If you find the road south out of Desolace, you'll see Dreamer's Rest off to your left as you enter the zone. From this flight path, the Twin Colosses, your next selfie destination, are just over the rise, immediately adjacent to the road. There is a quest to take the teleporter to the top of the Colosses, just a couple of very tall mountains. It's worth it to go to the top to take your selfie. 

If you take the teleporter to go to the top,  you're given a parachute to get off. Jump. What could possibly go wrong when you're provided with a parachute? Head back to Dreamer's Rest and fly to Gadgetzen. Hop on your mount and fly to the Caverns of Time.

This is another easy one. Just run into the area in front of the entrance and snap your selfie. You don't have to go all the way to the bottom. The next destination is a bit harder to find. Fly to Marshall's Refuge in Un'Goro. Open up a map of the zone and you'll see The Shaper's Terrace on the eastern part of the zone up in the mountains. 

You can easily get to the terrace on your flying mount. If you've done all the quests in Scholazar Basin, you'll recognize this area as part of a quest line using a teleporter in the southwestern section of the basin, a bit north of the wasps. Snap your selfie and head to the oasis flight path in Uldum. 

If you came to the game in Burning Crusades or later, you can be forgiven for not knowing about the Scarab Dias. Once you get to the oasis, get on your flying mount and fly over the mountains to the northwest and head to the area where AQ meets Silithus. This is NOT where the meeting stone is. It's actually outside the raid area. 

As you are looking at the actual gate, to your right is the dias. That's the gong which was rung to open the gates. Blizzard envisioned this as a grand event where horde and alliance would work together to gather the resources needed to open the gate. In execution, it was a mess, with servers crashing and a lot of ganking of each faction. If you do the quests in Silithus (I would vote this zone most in need of a make-over.), you'll see the ability to PvP here. It became one big brawl. Finally, only one person on each server could ring the gong and the hard feelings this caused are still felt. They got the black bug mount and the title "The Scarab Lord", even though it was a huge collaborative effort across the entire server. I wasn't around for this, but I heard about it. Mount up and head to Ramkahen. 

Your final stop is the 5-man instance, Halls of Origination, in Uldum. If you've never found it on your own, it's clearly marked on the map of the zone. With this selfie, you can't just run in, snap a photo and run out. The actual words "Halls of Origination" have to appear on your screen for the selfie to count. 

I just ran to the first mobs, snapped my selfie and left. At that point, the destination has appeared on the screen so you'll get credit for it. 

There you go. That's Kalimdor. Next step is Northrend, Burning Crusades, a couple stops in Cata zones and Mists of Pandaria. 


Faience Field Photographer Faience reporting for duty! Uhmm... I actually have no idea how to post photos here so I think that's ...

Taking A Break

Gimmlette a posted Mar 17, 15

The Herald of the Titans group is going to take a break this coming weekend. A number of people have had conflicts come up with attendance at Saturday's event so we decided the best course of action is to cancel it. 

Our next attempt of Herald will be mid to late April. We're getting into a time of spring break and the Easter holiday. I also think we are getting a bit sick of Ulduar. We'll put in a couple of tries in April and May and then, if we don't get the title, we're going to give it a rest. It's harder than it was last year and it seems the enthusiasm for doing this has waned. As much as I want to get people the title, we're seeing a lack of interest and it's silly to put a lot of resources into something people aren't interested in doing anymore.

If you want the title, you'll need to make the decision to keep a toon at level 80. Also, if your toon is not optimized for the Herald run, Jorlynn and Redneck can help you optimize it. Unfortunately, that has to be done here. You should consider figuring out best in slot pieces. For this encounter, some pieces from Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity are better than what drops in Ulduar. 

So, Jorlynn, Ollivor and Redneck will be running something else on Saturday. I have no idea what. I'll be preoccupied with a wedding. Have fun and take screenshots. 



Gimmlette a posted Mar 15, 15

I've been really busy so I have not kept up with Blizzard Watch as I should. So, today, I spent a couple hours working backwards to the point where I last read. There's a lot of stuff copied to our forums so take a look. If I missed something, say from class columns, please copy and paste or provide a link. 

In one of The Queue's, there was this question and answer. 

Chrth asked:

Q4TQ: What do we think the state of the current Dark Iron “rebellion” against Moira is? If I remember the Cata questing correctly, most of the rebelling Dark Irons were actually in the Twilight Cult. With the Cult pretty much overthrown (right?) did they return to the Dwarf fold, or are they still out there refusing to join with the other Dwarf factions?

Anne Stickney replied: I think we pretty much wiped the majority of them out. Maybe there’s a few threats still left out there, but most Dark Iron have fallen in line behind Moira and support the Council of Three Hammers. I doubt there’s enough left behind to pose any kind of really serious threat at this point.

Moira. Magni Bronzebeard's only child. 

If you played before the Cataclysm, you know she was captured by the Dark Iron. She fell in love with Thaurissan and married him. He's the final boss in the bowels of Blackrock Mountain. Run Blackrock Depths and you'll meet him. You ran into the throne room and she screamed at you that she was pregnant with his child and you were killing her husband. It's never stated but, to me, it seems a clear case of "Stockholm Syndrome". 

In The Shattering, when Magni tries to save Azeroth and is turned into a crystal, Moira returns from the mountain and claims the throne for herself and her now infant son. Her arrival throws Ironforge into tumult. Go click on her in Ironforge and listen to the responses. This attitude was magnified in the book to the point where she locked down Ironforge and held Anduin hostage. It took King Wrynn's "diplomacy" to free his son and to devise the council we dwarves have now. 

So much of who Moira is and what she represents has not been explained anywhere. Some people like the way she's drawn and consider her feisty. Personally, I don't trust her as far as I can spit into a hurricane. I read the book so I know how Blizzard wanted her portrayed. If you just know of her within the game, she's crabby and seems to have a chip on her shoulder. There is a mini-conversation between two guards outside the throne room. "Shhh. You want Moira to hear you? She's in a particularly nasty mood today," or something like that. 

If you did the Frostmane troll scenario in Mists of Pandaria, you know there was dissent amongst the dwarves about helping Wrynn go after Garrosh. Moira was the only one of the council to provide any assistance. Lorewalker Cho says the other two clans, Bronzebeard and Wildhammer, saw "the error of their ways" and agreed to help with the war against Garrosh, but only AFTER Moira turned up at the end of that scenario to defeat the Frostmane trolls. Redeemed?

I hardly think so. Most of the Twilight Cult was exterminated, it is true, with the fall of Deathwing, but not everyone. The questioneer is not correct when he states that most were in the Twilight Cult. Go into Blackrock Depths. The Dark Irons are a force unto themselves. They have cult influence, but they are simply the Dark Irons. The proper description would be "many" were in the Twilight Cult, however the influence was felt by all the races, not just the dwarves. 

And I wouldn't say the Dark Irons are in rebellion against Moira. I'm not sure where that sentiment comes from. If I were a Dark Iron, I would be confused about Moira's intentions.

"Wasn't she supposed to be our queen? She gave us a prince but she's taken him to Ironforge. We hate those dwarves. What's she doing living with them? She's actually working with them! What do we do now?"

If I were a Dark Iron, Moira's seeming collaboration with the enemy would be hugely upsetting. I don't remember, in the book, where the Dark Irons openly rebelled against her after she was forced to accept a council leadership format. They were removed, often forcibly, from Ironforge and went back to the mountain. The only Dark Iron left, I believe, is the ambassador who is in the upper floor of a building on the Mystic Ward side of the throne room. He's part of a Cata-era quest. Moira sends him to the dungeon, but I have never, ever felt it was as forcefully as she could have. 

In the role-playing part of my character, Moira will never be her ruler. From my point of view, she's suspect. Her whole demeanor reeks of subterfuge. She wants one thing and one thing only, to secure Ironforge for her son with herself as ruler until he comes of age. Any cooperation with Wrynn or the Alliance and any tolerance of the council form of government is merely window dressing. 

Personally, I think a patch with open rebellion against Moira and civil war amongst the dwarves would be fantastic. The Wildhammers and the Bronzebeards have put aside their differences and mended fences because they understand a united dwarf-dom is good for all dwarves. The Dark Irons are still out there and I can see Moira sending emissaries behind the backs of the other two rulers to ensure they are ready for her call to rise up and take over, or attempt to take over. I think it would be hugely interesting to be able to play while allied to one of the three factions. What stories could be told? In the book, the gates of Ironforge were closed and locked. Wouldn't that be awesome to see and to be a part of opening the city again? 

We can't know what Blizzard has in store for us. We do know that they are working at least 2 expacs ahead. Each race has stories which could be told as patches, not necessarily a full expansion. I'd love to see civil war break out, the thin veneer of civility between Moira and the rest of us shatter. I think the best expansions or patches have deep stories to them. This civil war could go, literally, very deep indeed. 


Another One in the Guild

Gimmlette a posted Mar 9, 15

Last week, Durendal decided to run Molten Core. Two of the legendary weapons, Sulfuras and Thunderfury, have pieces which drop in MC. He got to Garr and one of the Bindings of the Windseeker dropped. WOWHead lists this as a 4.43% chance. That's not great, but let's not get into the drop rate on Attumen's horse or Onyxia's drake. Let's just say that you could probably see this binding drop way more often than either of those mounts. After recovering from the surprise of seeing a binding drop, he headed to the next room to meet Baron Geddon. He drops the other Binding which WOWHead lists as a 4.21% chance. For all intents and purposes, the drop rate is the same. 

Now, keep in mind that drop rates are for every time you encounter a mob. They are never cumulative. So, you can run something for years and never see the item for which you see  or run it once and have it drop (Baron Rivendare's horse). The stories abound about that. And there are people who have been running Molten Core for years in an attempt to get both bindings and have either neither or the one they got 4 years ago. Durendal got both of the bindings...in one attempt. Kazhkan did the math and determined the chance of this happening was 0.009%. Yes, you are allowed to be supremely jealous and envious.

Sunday night, we assembled the sword. 

It's so awesome to have yet another legendary weapon in the guild. Congratulations, Durendal. Yes, it's just going to sit in his bank like all the other legendaries that people have, but it's nice to see these made. 


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