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Welcome One And All To Spectacular Death's Website.

Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from Classic to current content, PvP and Arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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Gimmlette ao posted Just now

So much happened last week. The roll-out of Patch 6.1 went about as flawless as a herd of diarrheic horses. (I'll just leave that image right here.) Judging from the Mac Support Forum, there are still people who don't have the patch working right. Hey Blizz? Just apologize and tell us you're working on it. I think that's the most infuriating thing. Anyway, after losing 2 days to this, I came back to more things than I can possibly understand. Let's jump in, however. 


You'll need to get the mission from your garrison to get the initial camera. There is an achievement for taking selfies in 42 different places. I know some of you (looks at Keg) have taken quite a few since getting the camera. I've set up a folder in the forum with locations from the achievement, plus instructions for posting photos to the forum. We'd love to see your selfies. You can add a thread, say "Ulduar", or put your selfies in the appropriate thread. I didn't know the face I picked had violet eyes. I think Neo was having a conversation about "vampire teeth" on night elves. Oh the things we never saw. Look! Freckles! 

Moving on. Dorelei has decided to step down as 5-man officer. Real life, whatever that is, is catching up with her and she just doesn't have the time to devote to the game as she used to. Redneckwichdr, our leveling officer, will step up to run 5-mans. With the Numatist in Ironforge, there is more incentive to run current ones. Plus, the 1750 gold we would get every week for maxing out our 5-mans is helpful. Remember, if you can put together any 5-mans of the appropriate level for an instance, it qualifies for our weekly instance total for the bank. So a bunch of level 70's running heroic Shadow Labs or a bunch of level 86's running Jade Temple work. If you would like any of the mounts that come from the meta 5-man achievements, please let Red know. Although most Mists and below content is soloable, it's more fun with a group and goes faster. Watch for 5-mans to be on the calendar. 

Speaking of the calendar, we're slowly getting things posted. The Herald of the Titans group found out that killing Algalon is going to be a pita. Seriously. The item squish heavily impacted raids like this. The group is probably going to have to fine tune their gear, gems, enchants, flasks and food down to the nth degree. they are probably going to need best in slot gear. This group takes precedence over other things we have going on. We will be in Ulduar or other raids to get people the gear they need. Please be willing to help run people through things. 

Also, if you are signed up to come, you need to show up. Please don't come if you can't stay for at least a full hour's attempt. This achievement cannot be done with 9 people. If you want this achievement, you need to be online and ready to go the days we are attempting it; Saturday, March 14th and 28th. After this group gets this achievement, I'm not sure when or if we will do it again. So, the Herald group's needs are coming first. We're filling in the calendar around that. 

With the new pets added, you'll see raids for Mt. Hyjal, Sunwell and Black Temple on the schedule. We are also going to resume raiding heroic Throne of Thunder and, eventually, heroic Siege of Orgrimmar. We had a group that got as far as heroic Dark Animus in ToT. We want to get farther and get that content conquered for the guild achievement. We'll need your help to work through that boss. Heroic Throne of Thunder has an extra boss, Ra-den, who is only available once you down Lei-Shen. Add to this Mists Mount Runs and impromptu calls to down the Draenor world bosses and we have a lot of raiding available for all levels. We'll be running ICC and Firelands to assist with obtaining parts for the legendary weapons. If you have pieces for legendaries, let me know. Sure you can solo most content, but it's more fun to do as a group. 

Speaking of Firelands, meet the "Firelands Achievement Raid Team". (You do the acronym.) 

Our team of highly trained professionals will help you get all the achievements in Firelands so you, too can have a purplish blue bird to ride. 

One of the keys is to have Gimm and/or Ollivor in the raid but not have them do the whole kneeling thing for Only the Penitent. Our next Firelands run is in the middle of the month. If you want the achievements for this raid, come on along. 

The Darkmoon Faire is going on right now. 

There is a new racing game and all sorts of updates added with the patch, although they neglected to add an achievement for being a gnome and dancing with L90ETC when they perform. Check out WOWHead's guide to the faire. Don't forget to ride the carousel, if you are leveling toons. When the faire's in town, there's so much to do that we all need to find someone to pay us to play. 

Finally, if you are a regular to the web site, you might have noticed that you had to log in again to see everything. You might also have noticed that you got some "guild achievements" attached to your character. Enjin introduced this idea last year. Your officers and I have been slowly creating our achievements, things which represent the character of the guild. Squidchin rolled out the ones we've created this past weekend. We hope they express the nature of the guild, the fun and camaraderie, and family, we have here. 

Gradually, over the next weeks, months and, yes, years, we'll be adding more, as something happens which leads us to say, "We need an achievement for that". Plus, more people will be getting more achievements as I go through the roster and attach your name to an achievement. We hope you like this feature.

To see all the awards, go to the menu bar and click on "SD Guide". "SD Achievements" is the last button in the drop down menu. You'll see the awards we have created as well as a button for what you've earned. Those of you who participated in the less than 1% wipes on The Butcher, please let me know. I have some people's names, but not everyone. And if you have an idea for an achievement, let us know. We're always on the look-out for fun things that represent what we do here. 

March promises to be packed with excitement. If we can get through the lousy Smarch weather, we'll be fine. 


Live Long and Prosper

Gimmlette ao posted Fri at 12:50

I had a couple of posts I was going to put up today but Leonard Nimoy passed away. 

Star Trek's undeniable cultural influence laid the ground work for so much of what we take for granted today. Does anyone know if there is a Spock reference in the game? If not, this needs to be rectified. 

Live Long and Prosper among the stars, Mr. Nimoy. 


Winterbow There used to be Sprok, a Goblin NPC in Gnomergan when you teleported there from Booty bay, but I don't know if he survi ...

Some Reminders

Gimmlette ao posted Thu at 14:26

This Saturday, a group of level 80 guild members will enter Ulduar's Planetarium and down Algalon for their Herald of the Titans achievement. 

This is big stuff. There are restrictions on how to accomplish this. People have been working since before Warlords started to gear up their toons in anticipation of this event. When I did it, it took us two Saturdays to accomplish. You tend to forget how mechanics work when you can solo this old content. It would be nice if we could have a bunch of people online at the time of the raid, to cheer them on and provide moral support. The raid starts at our usual time, 9 p.m. Please let Jorlynn and Redneckwichdr know if you are planning to come. We have a list on a post below of people who are ready and we have others who have offered to bring toons to round out the raid. 

We have a tentative schedule for March but it can't be completely filled in until we see how this group fares. If they need another Saturday, they take priority. We'll be posting things soon. We intend to have events to help you get the selfie, juke box and new pet achievements. There's also going to be an amazing event, lead by Minaithelan, on Friday, March 13th. You'll want to clear your schedule to come along for that. 

Guild Member of the Month nominations are due by Sunday evening. I need to know who and why on an in-game letter. The only person who can't be nominated is Red and his myriad alts. 

We have a lot of things on our guild library tab and a few things stored off-site which are duplicates. Please take a moment to look at what's on the tab and learn those things you don't know. You never know when someone will be looking for something for transmog. 

The same thing is true of our glyph tab. 

If you don't know it, consider learning it. Inscriptionists, we're always happy to take your extra glyphs. There is a column for each class. Monk kind of spilled over there. Looks like we could use some mage, warrior and paladin glyphs. I always check the hunter column and learn something even if its application is more for Survival or Marksman than Beast Mastery. You just never know. 

Your officers are always looking for feedback on what things you'd like to do. Reikasdwarf approached me with a fantastic screenshot idea that we have to make happen. There's a lot to do in this game and it's so much better with the guild. 


Legendarily Large

Gimmlette ao posted Feb 9, 15

So the question is, how does she swing it?

That's Pinkel with Val'anyr, the legendary mace. It took a quick hour to blast through Ulduar to get to Yogg-Saron and the final step in the creation of this piece. Along the way, we got 3 more fragments for yet another mace to be created. (Only 27 more, Zylo.) In the end, when Pinkel has to toss the fragments into Yogg's mount, we had a slight panic attack because the mace that comes out wasn't in her bags. We all saw it in the chat log as Pinkel receiving the "recombined mace", but she couldn't find it. My heart sank that the game might have screwed up. All those months and runs and nothing. Thankfully, Kazkhan remembered that quest items don't go into your bags anymore. We dashed to the archivium and Pinkel noted she had a ? on her screen. She clicked on Brann Bronzebeard and boom, got the mace and the achievement. We couldn't have been happier for her. 

As the possessor of a legendary myself, I often wish I could transmog it. As much as I love guns, you'd never see me without Thori'dal. Right now, it just sits in the bank waiting for the random event when I can haul it out. There is no usefulness to this weapon now. It's glamor, if you will, comes from the sheer amount of time it takes to obtain. On the other hand, I understand why transmogging of legendaries isn't allowed. They are legendary, rare. For the Warglaives or Thori'dal, many, many runs of Black Temple or Sunwell is required for them to drop. The other legendaries simply require months of running raids to get pieces. It takes a lot of desire, and luck in the case of Val'anyr (stupid drop rate on fragments), to get them made. You have to dedicate a lot of time to these pieces. Yet, they just sit. 

I think a compromise would be to have the ability to display them in your garrison. Pick a spot in your Town Hall where the piece hangs or sits, a place of honor. I would love to visit Pinkel's garrison, sit around the table in his Town Hall and have him regale us with the stories of conquering Yogg-Saron and getting the mace. After all, we let him push the button. 

Congratulations, Pinkel. 


Pinkel Thanks Gimm and all! It was quite the night and quite the fun number of runs through Ulduar with many of you to get it, ...
Squidchin a See I think the fact that you can't transmog legendaries are a crime and a disservice. As you say, they take a lot of ti ...

A Final Edition

Gimmlette ao posted Feb 5, 15

Way back in Wrath of the Lich King, when my little guild was humming along, we officers discussed the possibility of class officers. The "big guilds" had them. In fact, one of my mentors was a Marksman hunter named "Farsight", the hunter class leader from Mostly Harmless. I owe a lot of my style of play to the hours we spent in Ironforge at the training dummies and his unflagging desire to get me to understand what those buttons actually did. I do not remember how we met or what caused him to decide I needed tutelage, but I can't thank him enough, even though I think he left the game about 3 months into Cataclysm. 

The idea that there is someone to assist with class questions or to provide suggestions or just be a repository for information is a time honored staple of larger guilds. Generally, however, those guilds have an "A" team, which is the raid team that clears content first, and a "B" team, which is everyone else and their alts. I refuse to have that here. You're all on the "A Team" (although I reserve the right to be Hannibal), as far as I'm concerned. We take anyone anywhere and I won't ever put people into #1 or #2 team. (It nearly broke us apart. If you want to hear that sad tale, hop on Mumble some time and ask me to tell it.) 

I also will never tell you how to play your toon. From personal experience, I know the discrimination and jeering you get when you play a spec that is considered "less than optimum". My mentor could not save me from being kicked from an Ulduar group because I was Beast Mastery all through Wrath and BM hunters didn't do the dps of our Survival or Marksman cousins. I was never more strengthened in my resolve to form this guild around "You play what you like" than I was then. 

That being said, I think we're at the point where having one person be a help to players is necessary. We do have a lot of people who know classes and know buttons, but one person who is willing to look up the resources, read those and then distill the points in a way that makes sense is something I think we need. We're not that little guild anymore and with so many of you with other classes, changes to the alt you play every third Friday can be hard to remember. We'd been discussing this very topic, off and on, amongst the officers since Warlords dropped.

Then, in January, one guild member approached me about helping. His encyclopedic knowledge of his many alts and how things worked caused us to think, "Maybe we could, finally, have that 'Class Officer', we've periodically talked about". "Class Officer" isn't the name. There are days, as you all know, where we have no class here, and that's just the way we like it. 

So, tonight, I will be promoting Redneckwichdr, Azram, Crispybacon and a whole host of toons to our new position of "Leveling Mentor". Red is going to help me find the information for all toons as it's released with the upcoming patch, and get the changes up in the forum, as well as maintain the forum information so it's all in one spot. I've been so busy, a lot of Warlords and Patch 6.0 stuff never made it to the forum.

Red wrote the fantastic leveling guide, you can find in the forum. If you are stuck with something on your toon, ask him. Send him a letter or a whisper or ask in chat. Hit him up on our Facebook page. He's been keeping tabs on the heirloom gear situation on Facebook and will be watching the patch notes to post all the changes to classes upcoming. Please welcome him to the officer corps. 

With that, I think, for the time being, our officer corps is complete. Brickbank and I cleared out the guild bank last night. Tab 2 has been reopened for your use. You can start sending your overflow to her, or me, too, but Brick will be watching and keeping the bank looking reasonably nice. We have 2 raid leaders so I can be told in Officer chat now, "Gimm, shut up" and just play without leading raids. We have a 5-man officer whom you can abuse by asking for runs from 6 sections of this game. We have a PvP officer who wants to lead us into battle against Vol'jin. We have Skip who handles HR, unless it's a request from Mooch, and interacts with the WOW Community outside of SD. If you are frustrated with the human aspect of WOW, you can talk to Skip. He's also got a couple of projects he's working on. 

I remember when we had less people in SD total than who log on on a Saturday night. It often doesn't seem possible that this guild, the one Superkind and I started way back in December 2007, is as large as it is. I'm grateful to every single person who is here and to those people who have volunteered their time to help me lead it. With our new venture, www.floortanking.com , I'm taking the information we have learned from these 7 years of WOW and putting it out there for the WOW-verse to see. It's a great time to be in SD, even if that was a 0.08% wipe on The Butcher last night. 


Minaithelan congrats red .
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