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Spectacular Death (A-Llane-US) is the total WOW experience with lots of fun at a casual pace. We see and go to all places in the WOW universe from classic to current content, PvP and arena. This is no-pressure raiding at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in working through all WOW has to offer together. We will never have a realm first in any endgame, but we will have the most fun when we arrive. Our "race" to see everything is more of a saunter with an emphasis on fun. Our guild motto is "Here. Hold my drink and watch this," so you can see where our emphasis lies.

This guild is not for everyone, however. You must review the Code of Conduct before asking to join. It is also recommended that you read our Raiding and Loot Guidelines as well.

For any questions about the above information, please talk to Gimmlette or any officer. Officers are listed under the "SD Guide" section of the web site menu. If you are interested in hopping on the bus for the ride, please fill out our application. It's under the "Join Us" button at the upper right. You will be contacted by Gimmlette or the membership officer after the application is received.

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By the time you read this, fellow guild members will be arriving at Walt Disney World for our 10th Anniversary Meet-Up. It's been 15 months in planning, but it's finally here. We have a total of 18 guild members in attendance, some of whom convinced their families to tag along. We make no promises to avoid shenanigans. We are Spectacular Death, after all, and are skilled in the art of "shenanigan-ating". We promise to come back with stories. You will see photos on the Facebook page and, in roughly a week to 10 days, photos in a folder in the forum; lots and lots of photos.

A lot of you wish you could be there with us. Well, never fear, your guild leader has something for you, too. 

(I think this is where we cue the maniacal laughter.)

If you've done any poking about in the Disney thread, you know that attendees received an achievement book. 

Inside are a wide variety of "achievements" people can do while they are vacationing. These range from "Take a photo with Mickey Mouse" to "I'm not going to eat that. You eat it." (The sheer amount of food we are going to encounter is astounding.) There are achievements for taking a photo while you're on a ride, to finding an animal in each of the parks. (No. Roar does not count.) People can do as many or as few of the achievements as they want. They get to keep the book.

I must, at this point, thank Faience for all her help in getting this book assembled. We came up with the idea back in November and worked all winter to create achievements which wouldn't require a lot of work to do. She gave the final copy a dry run in April and I had to often stifle a laugh at work when another series of photos would come on my phone. I'm certainly looking forward to doing this myself. 

At the back of the book is a scavenger hunt. A page of items are listed and people need to find something which matches the item, take a photo of it and then either show it to me when we meet or text it to me. Taking this idea into WOW, what if there was a scavenger hunt for people to do while we're gone? Herewith is the "While Gimm Is Away Scavenger Hunt". Your task is to find something which fits the description. There are 12 items. No, you cannot combine an item even if it works for more than one category. Plus, you'll need to answer a question in your in-game mail. 

You can enter ONCE per toon. That's right. I'll accept ONE letter from each of your toons. Will Zargz have an advantage? Depends. I'm looking for clever answers to all these categories. Remember to send your letters to Gimmlette-Llane, not Gimmlette-Arygos. Letters sent to my Arygos toon won't qualify and probably won't get read for awhile. So, check the name on the mail. 

These are the categories:

Something orange
Something spooky
Something piratey
Something your fairy godmother would give you to wear to the ball
Something "edible"
A piece of gear, BC or classic era
Something alcoholic
A stack of vendor trash
Something to make the guild bathroom smell better
Something that's not going to kill anything, but I can use it as a weapon.
Something you can buy from only one Alliance vendor in all of Azeroth
Something a guild leader needs

Finally, answer the following question in your mail when you send these items. "Why should I name you Guild Member of the Month?" You have one page to answer that. I will not count any "pt 2" letters. 

Now, let's talk scoring. Just for entering, every toon will get 76 gold and 76 points. You then get one point for each item which matches the category. EXTRA points will be awarded, up to 3, if you make me laugh or send me a unique item. You'll get extra points if you send me a gear item whose appearance I don't know, or something which is particularly hideous, even if it's leather. (I don't have a toon that wears leather.) You can get the item from the AH; from killing mobs; or from crafting. Yes, you can band together and send me the same thing across a wide variety of toons. Tab 4 would be a good place to put extra of whatever you're sending. For the record, three of these items are also in the achievement book. 

And now a twist to answering the final question. You must tell me why the toon under whose name you're sending the scavenger hunt items, should be Guild Member of the Month. So, to use Zylo as an example. (She will be at Disney.) If she sends me letters from Zylostout, Zylofletcher and Zyloclaw; she has to tell me why that particular toon should be Guild Member of the Month; not why Zylo should be. Here's your opportunity to craft some persuasive verbiage. You will get up to 5 EXTRA points for your letter. 

I will tally up the letters, selling the stuff and putting the proceeds into the bank. This includes the gear. Once I've learned any gear I don't know, I'll vendor it and put the proceeds in the bank. The winner(s) will be announced Friday, October 27th after the Halloween transmog contest. Points = gold, so whatever points your toon has will result in that toon getting the equivalent in gold. 

Next to last note: I'm not around to discuss this. Only Mina and Squid, from the officer corps, will be around the week of Disney. If you have questions about what may or may not be considered an item covering the category, well, talk amongst yourselves and decide. Look at what qualities I'm looking for to award extra points. 

Last note:  Contest begins right now and ends Monday evening, October 23rd at 7 pm server time. 

Good luck. I can't wait to see what you send me. 


Gimmlette a Well, I have the riding crop already,which is kind of like a whip.
Souvlaki That last one's hard. Apparently there's no whip in the game. So now I'm not sure there's a way.

It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day today! We'll be doing something to celebrate. Get yer arses down ta Booty Bay where the guards are passed out, a shark's in the water and you can git yerself a nifty Pirate Insult Book if yer willin' ta put up with the lack of fish ta kill and how ever'one ganks the shark when it does show up. It's nice Blizzard be addin' interestin' things to their holidays, but this was madness and we pirates like madness. Anyway, we can help speed the process to get the book by grouping up and "camping" a fish spawn point. Make sure ya talk ta the captain and get yer special grog, too. 

And, I think every International Talk Like a Pirate Day needs a little Tim Curry. 

Plus, we've put a new spin on the every pirate popular "Drunken Sailor". Everyone knows this song. 

What do we do with a drunken guildie?
What do we do with a drunken guildie?
What do we do with a drunken guildie?
Earli in the mornin'.

Way ho and up she rises.
Way ho and up she rises.
Way ho and up she rises.
Earli in the mornin'.

Put 'im in Orgrimmar 'til he's sober.
Put 'im in Orgrimmar 'til he's sober.
Put 'im in Orgrimmar 'til he's sober.
Earli in the mornin'.


(This verse courtesy of Nillen)
Take 'im to Argus to fight the demons.
Take 'im to Argus to fight the demons.
Take 'im to Argus to fight the demons.
Earli in the mornin'.


Come up with a verse of your own and add it in the comments. 

Avast me hearties! 


Souvlaki Make 'im click a mage's random portal. Make 'im click a mage's random portal. Make 'im click a ...
Connacher Send’im To Nagrand and make him res-cue Corki, Send’im To Nagrand and make him res-cue Corki, Send’im ...


Gimmlette a posted Sep 19, 17

Cleaning up some odds and ends here. 

If you're taking screenshots of Argus over everywhere, there is a forum thread for your screenshots. 

There are some amazing views out there. I wonder if Argus is going to leave the sky once we've defeated Sargeras. What do you think? 

Tomorrow starts the celebration for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Make you way down to Booty Bay and get turned into a pirate. 

A few years ago, we ran Throne of Thunder after being "pirate-ized". Miz will be our leader in shenanigans tomorrow. 

The Deepwind Dunk is on Thursday. This is, in my opinion, the best of the Battleground Blast events they've created. It's so much fun. Even if you don't really care for PvP, you might want to give this a try. You need to get over the fact that you'll die; much more if you're a healer. SD works together to do the objective and, although I might be a bit biased, I think our working together helped win the BG's for the Alliance, when we went. You're welcome to come along. We'll be forming groups at 8:45. The maximum group size is 5 so if we have more people, we'll need to break in half. 

Tomb is on Friday. We did very well in our last foray. 

Mistress Sass'zine and

Sisters of the Moon were downed on the 5th. 

I need to point out that three people in the raid were not fully enchanted. I won't mention who they were. What was missing was ring and cloak enchants. I tell you this for two reasons. First, we are checking. And, most important, it's required and that little extra provided by an enchant can be just what we need to move through a boss. Bottom line, make sure you're enchanted. It's not like it used to be; a fact some of us miss. Cloaks, rings and necks need to be enchanted. Also, if you are missing a gem, we have people who can cut one for you. 

We are lacking the wide variety of ring enchants in the bank so if enchanters would like to make them, we have some materials in the bank but if you need more, just ask. It's very important that we're as ready as we can be. 

We are close to the achievement, Mythic Keystone Challenge. Tonight, we got to 42 of the 50 mythic plus dungeons we need for the achievement. A great number of guild members ran dungeons so there will be a lot of keystones out there after the reset on Tuesday. We can try to get another batch done in the upcoming week. It's a great achievement to work towards. There aren't a lot of them, which is very frustrating. 

We will be doing two achievement runs before the end of September; Hellfire Citadel and Dragon Soul. Come get tmog gear AND sweet achievements. 

Speaking of tmog, the September contest happens on the September 29th. There's a lot of gear on the gear tab. Take a look and see if there's anything you don't know. I've found some great pieces. 

The theme for September is "Terrible Fall Tmogs". Jaxdia and I are the judges so we're looking to be blown away by your awfulness. The officers are still looking for your ideas for next year's tmog contests. If you can do it, it's a great idea. Tell us. 

And finally, we will be having an officer's meeting next week to plan October. The biggest event will be the Walt Disney World guild vacation in the middle of the month. But, we still want to know what things you'd like to do in the days around the vacation. Just let any officer know. 


I'm Guessing It's Popular

Gimmlette a posted Sep 11, 17

Judging by the response to the Herald of the Titans sign-up thread, I get the feeling this event has generated a lot of buzz about it. My bitty hunter, Gimmlette, has passed level 20. 

I'm one of those old school people who doesn't care for heirlooms and likes to actually quest and get gear. With the Darkmoon Faire from last week, once I obtained the buff from the carousel, levels came very quickly. Even without the buff, it's not like it was. 

If you have any interest in obtaining the achievement, Herald of the Titans, you should read Tarsan's forum post. It appears we have all classes covered, so don't ask me what we need. We have a number of people leveling hybrid classes so we will have the right number of tanks, healers and dps for runs. The goal is do our first run in December, to coincide with our 10th anniversary week. You have time to level and we will start running people through Ulduar for gear in October. You can probably count on a run a week. 

For people who aren't me, don't forget the heirloom vendor in the guild hall. 

You also might want to take a look for those pieces you don't have for transmog purposes. There are also shirts, mounts and pets which are only available through this vendor. 

It's exciting to see so many people interested in very much Legacy content. If you have questions about this event, just ask myself or Tarsan. We'll be happy to get you going. 


As we close in on a year of transmog contests, we officers have the feeling this has been quite the successful event. 

Transmogs have been very creative. 

We are happy to see people enjoying this idea. With Halloween costumes as our October theme (You knew we'd come back to that.), we're looking ahead to next year. We can recycle the ideas we came up with but some didn't seem as popular as others. So, we're looking to you for suggestions for next year. There are no constraints for ideas. If you can pull it off, others should be able to, as well. We've received one suggestion already. We will be doing a "horde" only tmog contest next year, and, as we've seen, you can bring your horde into Stormwind to participate as the guards don't seem to bother horde participants in this location. 

If you liked one of the themes from this past year, please let us know. We are more than happy to reuse ideas. 

Also, don't forget to donate gear drops or crafting from any level other than Legion, to the gear tab. With people gearing up toons for our Herald of the Titans run, ilevel 226 gear will be greatly appreciated. I see several things on that tab whose appearance Gimm doesn't know. (Salivates) Who knows what gear drop might help you win a tmog contest. 

We will be working on the next year of tmog contest themes next month. (Bwahahahahahahaha. Disney should provide all kinds of fodder for ideas and Miz and I are rooming together.) You can post your idea here or send it to either Miz or me via an in-game letter. Remember, all contestants receive 500 gold just for showing up. That almost covers the cost of a tmog. First place is 3000 gold. Second place is 2600 gold. Third place is 2200 gold. 

Thanks for participating. It makes us happy to see an event take off like this. 


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